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Gay Subliminal Sex Seduction CD

from the one and only UltimateHypnosis



This is the First in the Gay Sex Seduction Series A Very Mellow Ocean Seascape with distant thunderclaps. Perfect for more relaxing times such as dinner, bedtime or for listening while sleeping.:





This Gay Subliminal Seduction Hypnosis Cd is designed to place into the mind of the listeners thoughts of sex, the audible sound on the cd is just relaxing romantic sounds of ocean surf and whale song with the occasional sound of distant thunder on the ocean.

But hidden within the sound of the ocean and whale song are special sexually stimulating subliminals (custom to that sexually Arouse Gay Men. Subliminally on the disc unheard to the human ear but picked up and decoded by the human brain are sexually stimulating subliminals using the Exclusive Algorithmic Formulations.

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This is not your ordinary subliminal cd, most subliminal cds simply lower the volume of the subliminals below the volume of the surrounding sounds ( in this case it would be the sound of the rolling surf and whale song, beach waves and thunderstorm) but this cd is different.

The Subliminals have been modified using proprietary Exclusive Algorithmic Formulas. Much the way a dog can hear a dog whistle and respond (while a human cannot hear the dog whistle) studies show that the human ear cannot hear certain frequencies but the human brain can hear, decode and Respond to them if they are Formulated Ultimately. In the case of this cd the person listening would consciously hear just the calming romantic sound of the ocean and whales and offshore thunderstorm, never consciously thinking that their subconscious mind was recieving the sexually stimulating Custom Algorithmic Formulations from UltimateHypnosis.

This is a perfect cd to play while enjoying dinner or relaxing in front of a fire with someone you'd like to see heated up a bit!
Give it a try and let me know if you get your desired one squirming their seat!!!!!!


1. To Subliminally Stimulate Your desired one.

2. To Subliminally Stimulate YourSelf.

3. To Subliminally Enhance Your and Your desired one's Sexual experience.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!



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