Item Description
Garmin BlueChart g2: HEU800X - The Nordics

Part Number: 010-C1021-20
Version : 2013 (14.5)

HEU800X - The Nordics pregrogrammed on microSD™/SD™. To view and use the maps on this card, you must have a Garmin device with a microSD/SD card slot. Please see the list below for compatibility. This Genuine Garmin Map Card is new and guaranteed to be free of defects and fully functional. This is truly plug and play, all you have to do is insert the SD or MicroSD Card in to your GPS Device.

Features :
• Includes realistic navigation features showing everything from shaded depth contours and coastlines to spot soundings, navaids, port plans, wrecks, obstructions, intertidal zones, restricted areas, IALA symbols and more.
• Features smooth displays, including seamless transitions between zoom levels and more continuity across chart boundaries.
• Allows users to choose between standard 2-D direct overhead or 3-D "over the bow" map perspective to make chart reading and orientation easier.
• Provides Safety Shading (in compatible units), allowing mariners to enable contour shading for all depth contours shallower than user-defined safe depths.
• Provides Fishing Charts (in compatible units), allowing mariners to scope out bottom contours and depth soundings with less visual clutter on the display.
• Allows users to conveniently plan and organize routes, from your computer, before your trip withHomePort™, compatible trip-planning software (sold separately).
Compatible Devices with this map :
Astro® ,Colorado® 300 ,Colorado® 400c ,Colorado® 400i ,Colorado® 400t ,Dakota® 20 ,Echomap™ 50s ,Echomap™ 70s ,Etrex® 20 ,Etrex® 30 ,Etrex Legend® hcx ,Etrex Vista® hcx ,GPSMAP® 192C ,GPSMAP® 198C Sounder ,GPSMAP® 2106 ,GPSMAP® 2110 ,GPSMAP® 2206 ,GPSMAP® 2210 ,GPSMAP® 276C ,GPSMAP® 278 ,GPSMAP® 292 ,GPSMAP® 296 ,GPSMAP® 298 Sounder ,GPSMAP® 3006C ,GPSMAP® 3010C ,GPSMAP® 3205 ,GPSMAP® 3206 ,GPSMAP® 3210 ,GPSMAP® 376C ,GPSMAP® 378 ,GPSMAP® 392 ,GPSMAP® 396 ,GPSMAP® 398 Sounder ,GPSMAP® 4008 ,GPSMAP® 4010 ,GPSMAP® 4012 ,GPSMAP® 420/420s ,GPSMAP® 4208 ,GPSMAP® 421 ,GPSMAP® 4210 ,GPSMAP® 4212 ,GPSMAP® 421s ,GPSMAP® 430/430s ,GPSMAP® 431 ,GPSMAP® 431s ,GPSMAP® 440/440s ,GPSMAP® 441 ,GPSMAP® 441s ,GPSMAP® 478 ,GPSMAP® 492 ,GPSMAP® 495 ,GPSMAP® 496 ,GPSMAP® 498 Sounder ,GPSMAP® 5008 ,GPSMAP® 5012 ,GPSMAP® 5015 ,GPSMAP® 520/520s ,GPSMAP® 5208 ,GPSMAP® 521 ,GPSMAP® 5212 ,GPSMAP® 5215 ,GPSMAP® 521s ,GPSMAP® 525/525s ,GPSMAP® 526 ,GPSMAP® 526s ,GPSMAP® 527 ,GPSMAP® 527xs ,GPSMAP® 530/530s ,GPSMAP® 531 ,GPSMAP® 531s ,GPSMAP® 535/535s ,GPSMAP® 536 ,GPSMAP® 536s ,GPSMAP® 540/540s ,GPSMAP® 541 , GPSMAP® 541s GPSMAP® 545/545s ,GPSMAP® 546 ,GPSMAP® 546s ,GPSMAP® 547 ,GPSMAP® 547xs ,GPSMAP® 6008 ,GPSMAP® 6012 ,GPSMAP® 60CSx ,GPSMAP® 60Cx ,GPSMAP® 62 ,GPSMAP® 620 ,GPSMAP® 6208 ,GPSMAP® 6212 ,GPSMAP® 62s ,GPSMAP® 62sc ,GPSMAP® 62st ,GPSMAP® 62stc GPSMAP® 640 ,GPSMAP® 7012 ,GPSMAP® 7015 ,GPSMAP® 720 ,GPSMAP® 720s ,GPSMAP® 721 ,GPSMAP® 7212 ,GPSMAP® 7215 ,GPSMAP® 721xs ,GPSMAP® 740 ,GPSMAP® 740s ,GPSMAP® 741 ,GPSMAP® 741xs ,GPSMAP® 76CSx ,GPSMAP® 76Cx ,GPSMAP® 78 ,GPSMAP® 78s ,GPSMAP® 78sc ,GPSMAP® 8008 MFD ,GPSMAP® 8012 MFD ,GPSMAP® 8015 MFD ,GPSMAP® 8208 MFD ,GPSMAP® 8212 MFD ,GPSMAP® 8215 MFD ,GPSMAP® 8500 Black Box ,GPSMAP® 8530 Black Box ,Montana® 600 ,Montana® 650 ,Montana® 650t ,nüvi® 500 ,nüvi® 550 ,Oregon® 200 ,Oregon® 300 ,Oregon® 400c ,Oregon® 400i ,Oregon® 400t ,Oregon® 450 ,Oregon® 450t ,Oregon® 550 ,Oregon® 550t ,Oregon® 600 ,Oregon® 600t ,Oregon® 650 ,Oregon® 650t ,Rino® 520HCx ,Rino® 530HCx ,Rino® 650 ,Rino® 655t .