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1. Automatically expands or contracts 3 times the original size depending on the water flowing through it.
2. The design of X-Hose has two layers of hose which use tough rubber for the inner hose and a durable polyester hose for the outer cover.
3. X-Hose expands in length and the diameter widens up to 3 times it's original size whenever water starts flowing through it.
4. X-Hose not only expands and contracts but also creates powerful high flow spray with any normal water flow.
5. The powerful spray of X-Hose is good enough to spray clean cars, water the plants and even clean windows up to second floor height. X-Hose is unique in that it weighs much less than traditional hoses.
6. The most amazing fact about X-Hose is that it's design never lets it twist, tangle or even kink throughout its use. Also it's durability is high since it stays strong and does not get damaged in any type of weather conditions. X-Hose is not just for your house and garden but also works well on RVs and boats because of its durability and compact size.Important Note: Fits USA Standard "Garden Hose"Important Note: Includes On/Off ValveSpecificationsSuper strong and lightweight Expandable Hose has the ability to expand up to three times its original size when in use. It will flex, stretch and never kink. Expandable Hose retracts back to its original size when drained and absent of flowing water for easy storage. This hose can be used for industrial watering, lawn and garden watering, nursery water supply lines, commercial wash down and Golf course water lines. Expandable Hose must be attached to a spray nozzle or the optional on/off ball valve (sold separately) in order to expand and function properly.Before use make sure that all rubber washers are inserted into the coupling side of the hose and sprayer. CAUTION:do not over tighten couplings, it is recommended to hand tighten to a snug fit. Over tightening may damage the washer and coupling.The hose will retract to its original size. If the hose is attached to an oscillating sprinkler, the hose may gently drag the sprinkler as it retracts when the water is turned off. The Expandable Hose must be used with a sprayer or the optional ball valve (sold separately) attached. The hose will not expand without those in place.The Expandable Hose is intended for outdoor use only; do not use the hose inside.The Expandable Hose should never be used for potable water use, do not drink from the hose or use the hose to supply drinking water. An outdoor hose may be exposed to conditions that can be hazardous to human health.The Expandable Hose is not intended for hot water use. Do not run hot water through the hose.The Expandable Hose is a general outdoor water hose. Do not stretch the hose or use the hose for any other purpose than standard outdoor watering tasks.The Expandable Hose is intended to expand only with use of water; if stretched while drained the hose can quickly retract and cause bodily harm. Do not stretch the hose.The Expandable Hose is intended to be drained after each use, do not leave the hose under pressure when not in use. Drain the hose completely before storage and store indoors during freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures can damage the hose.

Specifications: Length 2.5M, extend 7 M [25ft]
Specifications: Length 5.7M, extend 15M [50ft]
Specifications: Length 8.0M, extend 25M [75ft]