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Did you realize by using some Special Exercises and Techniques, it is Very possible to Enlarge Your Penis as Much as 4" Extra Inches


All you need are a few minutes a day and the results will last a Lifetime. It sounds impossible, but it really works!  The Hercules System is completely Natural. That means No sore pumps, No fake pills, No weird gadgets or Dangerous surgery.  All you need to gain these amazing inches are just your hands, and a bit of spare time!  



The Hercules System has been Researched, Tested and is Recommended by Doctors!



  By Using The Hercules System You Will Learn

How you can Permanently Add as much as  4" Extra Inches to your penis Length in Just weeks. It is not uncommon for men who use our system to increase their penis size to 10" Inches or more

How you can Permanently Add as much as  3" Extra Inches to your penis Thickness in Just weeks 

Our system will greatly Improve the blood circulation to your penis, testicles and in turn improve vein and tissue health!  This will actually dramatically increase the sensation and pleasure during intercourse!

Our UNIQUE system will show you how to Develop your PC muscle during erection. We will develop your penis to have a truly "Man Muscular" looking penis. This will impress and arouse your partner(s)! 

Our system can End premature ejaculation and develop amazing ejaculatory control! 

How you can Overcome Impotence and achieve ROCK HARD Erections every time

How you can Specialize your enlargement to certain parts of your penis

How you can Restore your foreskin for that "uncut" look (Optional)

How you can Treat abnormal penile curvature (Peyronie's)  

Our system can help in the Prevention of prostate cancer and in turn can strengthen your erections and your ejaculatory stamina!

Plus, you will have Access to invaluable tips to improve your love life. You will also learn:

How you can have fun with your lover while building Amazing endurance that will add to even deeper levels of ecstasy for both you and your partner

How to double or even Triple your control so that you can last longer

This is all possible in the Privacy of your own home using the very best, quickest and most reliable enlargement techniques



The Hercules Penis Enlargement System is the Most Successful Program Available Today with Over 250,000 + Satisfied Members Since 1998


Not Only That, The Hercules System Offer's 

Full A ccess to our Private Members site which contains:- 

In Depth but easy to use instructions on the exercises and techniques 

Real Video and Pictures samples showing you all the exercises and techniques    

Specially Designed exercise routines for all Hercules Members. Beginner, Intermediate and Advance   

Specially Designed exercise routines that can develop certain parts of your penis   

  Expert Advice on male Health and Fitness 

Expert Advice on unique techniques that will certainly make you a man of Steel 

  Live Expert Hercules Support Team

  Also a 24 / 7 / 365 E-mail Support Team

A comprehensive Member's FAQ section for all your enlargement questions 

  An On-line forum to chat with other Hercules members and experts advisors  

  Full access to the Male Health section that offers helpful topics and FAQ's

 Plus Lots More Extra Bonuses




There are literally hundreds of different enlargement methods on the market today, but none of them are as safe or effective as our Program

Our program has been proven successful by over 2 50,000 + Satisfied Hercules Members, from all over the world

Let's take a look at some at some of the more commonly known methods, and compare them to our Penis Enlargement Program

Recommended that you Avoid these Dangerous Methods for your Own Safety!!!

Vacuum Pumps 

  Although pumps do work temporarily (usually for only 20 minutes) this is unsuitable for unexpected occasions, also these pumps have been known to leave scars, bruises and in some cases gangrene, causing much pain to the penis. Pumps "supposedly" work by placing a tube over your penis and then pumping the air out of the tube. This temporarily swells the penis, but does NOT increase the blood capacity in the cells of the penis which is necessary to achieve size gains. You will Never gain any permanent penis gains with this method  

Other downsides of vacuum pumps are:  risk of temporary impotence, risk of painful blisters, dislocating and bruising, bleeding from burst capillaries and too much effort with too little result. We do not recommend using this method, EVER


Weight Systems 

This method involves hanging actual weights from your penis, every day for 30 - 60 minutes. The weights might increase your penis length by an inch (ONLY) but they will not gain any girth (width). They also offers some serious disadvantages, These include: serious pain, bruises, gangrene and dislocating of tendons found in the pubic area. Even worse, these weights cut off the circulation to the penis which can result in infection and amputation. This method is very risky, but what can you expect from hanging actual weights off your penis .  

Creams, Pills and Patches  

  You may have seen 1,000's of companies trying to sell you "miracle creams" and "enlargement pills or "enlargement Patches" which are supposed to add 2-3 inches amazingly to your penis simply by rubbing in this cream, sticking on a patch or popping a few pills. All we can say is... we have tried and tested all of these products and unfortunately, they simply

Do Not Work. M any of these "enlargement" products have ingredient, which has erection-like effects. They may make your penis harder, but they will NOT make it any bigger. Unless you have money to waste, please steer well clear of these.



  Many men have looked into surgery only to discover the huge costs involved, and the very small chances of success. To surgically enlarge your penis would cost around $6,000 minimum. This is done by adding fat to your penis and then hanging 15 pounds from your penis to avoid the fat retracting back into your abdomen. The chances of success are not great, and would you really want to risk it. Some men have been known to become totally impotent after surgery and in some cases men have actually lost their whole penis after infection/gangrene. This alone would detract most men from this method.

Stretching Devices

This method involves you sticking your penis into a devise, clamping it into a hoop and forcefully stretching it for a minimal of 4 - 8 hours a day, everyday for months . This will eventually (8 Months) enlarge your penis (1-2 inches) but you will not gain any girth (width) as it only stretches your penis. This method also offers some very serious disadvantages, These include: serious pain, bruises, gangrene and dislocating of tendons found in the pubic area. Even worse, these devices cut off the circulation to the penis which can result in infection and amputation. This method is very risky, but what can you expect from forcefully stretching your penis .


OUR METHOD - The Hercules System

Results in the Shortest Time (As Little as
2 weeks). This is the BEST Method of Penis Enlargement available. These methods are Medically Tested and Proven by Hundreds and thousands of times (250,000 times) by men all over the world. There is no pain experienced and Most Importantly...

The Results are Permanent and 100% GUARANTEED!!

Regular exercising works the blood cells and Corpa Cavernosa in the penis to promote Huge Growth in both Length and Girth. This will Result in Huge Penis Gains of 3"-4" Inches

The Hercules System is without a Doubt, the BEST Penis Enlargement Method Available Today!!


Reasons why Hercules System is better than Any other method of Penis Enlargement  

  100% Safe, Natural and Guaranteed! 

  Gain as much as 4" Extra Inches in Length

  Gain as much as 3" Extra Inches in Girth

  All Size Gains are Permanent.

  Greater Results in lesser time.

  Requires nothing but your hands.

  Develop much Harder Erections.

  Develops a strong PC Muscle and control ejaculations.

  Proven by hundreds of thousands of men worldwide! 

  Specially Designed Exercise Routines 

  In-depth Instructions with real Video and Picture samples

  2 4 hour Expert Service Support

  All Techniques recommended by Doctors!

  Gain the confidence you always wanted



Total 1 Year Satisfaction Guaranteed !!!

We understand your questions and hesitation about male enhancement, and that's why we offer the Best Guarantee in the business. There are No Gimmicks, No Tricks -- just a Generous amount of time for you to evaluate how our system works for you, and if you are not totally satisfied, we will Refund Double Back your Membership, No Questions Asked!!



The Time Scale Of The Hercules System

As a member of the Hercules System, here's what you can expect from our unique program:


  Weeks 1- 4


Immediate gains in Flaccid (unerect length) within the first 1-2 weeks. By weeks 3-4, you'll start noticing obvious Erect Gains and you'll notice Harder Erections and Improved Stamina.


  Weeks 5 - 8 


C hances are, your lover(s) will start to comment on your enlarged size and greatly improved stamina. Don't be surprised if you start getting questions like "Has your penis grown?" or "Are you taking something?"


  Week 9 +


  You'll probably have already added an Inch or Two in Length, and an Inch in Girth. Don't forget- these are PERMANENT PENIS ENLARGEMENT GAINS!

If you're interested in MORE SIZE , you'll naturally proceed to the advanced routines 
It may take a few weeks before you'll have the penis of your dreams, but...
RIGHT NOW, TODAY can take the first step to a much larger penis, better sex, and a more confident outlook on life!

Extra Super Bonus Pack

  Real Penis Enlargement Video's and Photo's

With the above, you will also receive access to our in-depth Real video and Picture sample archive. We show you all of our unique techniques in detail, so you have the fullest understanding of our Penis Enlargement System. The Hercules System™ Real Video and Picture sample archive is the most comprehensive collection on the internet today.   Unbeatable Quality




Male Health and Fitness Advice Section

Get full access to our dedicated male health and fitness Members Site that contains everything you need to know about become the man that all women want. This includes personalised workout routines, information on nutrition, weight loss, style, fashion and all the sexual and health questions you need answer for. This also includes life time membership to Fitness Guru. The internets Number 1 Expert Health and Fitness advice site that has everything you need


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Limited Life Time Access

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