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Turn Her On Faster: Advanced Foreplay Techniques To Seduce Her Mind and Body from Gabrielle Moore is a hands-on manual to understanding and getting into your partner's mind & body. In this manual, you'll learn how to make her feel good right from the start during foreplay.

• The secret art of nipple play... and how you can maximize your lover's pleasure using this highly sensitive spot of the body (Once again, there are 3 nipple types that have to be handled accordingly. Most guys just treat them as the same.)
• Unlikely, little-known "hot spots" of the female body you should target to give your partner an unforgettable foreplay experience (Most men are not even aware of these areas!)
What most guys do wrongly during foreplay, and the parts of her body you should actually FOCUS on (Hint: It's NOT her breasts or down there!)
• How you should handle your lover's breasts during foreplay (Warning: Your partner's breasts may be one of these 4 types... and unless you play with them correctly... they may actually feel painful instead of pleasured!)
• The 2 step technique you can use to "turn her on"... based on actual feedback by women!
• And much more!