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Description (revised) Item Specifics - DVDsRegion Code: FREE REGION Rating: NR Genre: Television Shows Display Format: Full Screen Sub-Genre: -- Condition: New ALL NEW BOX SET 98 Episodes ORIGINAL G1 TRANSFORMERS 20th Anniversary 25 DVDsDescriptionThere are 8 toys. Their names are G1 RODIMUS PRIME G1 RED ALERT G1 soundwave G1 cyclonus G1 black Jazz ,G1 AUTOBOT SKIDS Rm-12 Starcream ,Rm-01 OPTIMUS types of transformers available for this package ,you will received one of them. Please see my picture.A BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED WOODEN BOX THE BOX INSIDE HAVE A BIG POSTER OF TRANSFORMERS G1 TRANSFORMER TOY AND 1 KEY CHAINComplete 98 Episodes + Transformers The MovieBrand New, All Region, NTSC Format, Full Screen (4:3)box size is 13.50''X 11''"Transformers: Generation 1" - USABrand New Sealed DVD box set Official Chinese release / Fast Ship from the CADIGITAL REMASTEREDRegion Code: All (Region FREE. Will play on any DVD player.) NTSC FormatNumber of Discs : 25 (24 DVD, 1 DVD-5)Condition : Brand New / Factory sealedDisplay Format: Full Screen (1.33:1)Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 EnglishSubtitles: Chinese/OffMovie List 1 More Than Meets The Eye(1)2 More Than Meets The Eye(2)3 More Than Meets The Eye(3)4 Transport to Oblivion5 Roll for it6 Divide and Conquer7 Fire In The Sky8 S.O.S. Dinobots9 Fire On the Mountain10 War of the Dinobots11 The Ultimate Doom-Part One12 The Ultimate Doom-Part Two13 The Ultimate Doom-Part Three14 Countdown to Extinction15 A Plague of Insecticons16 Heavy Metal War17 Autobot Spike18 Changing Gears19 City of Steel20 Attack of the Autobots21 Traitor22 The Immobilizer23 The Autobot Run24 Atlantis, Arise!25 Day of the Machines26 Enter the Nightbird27 A Prime Problem28 The Core29 The Insecticon Syndrome30 Dinobot Island(1)31 Dinobot Island(2)32 The Master Builder33 Auto_Berserk34 Microbots35 Megatron's Master Plan(1/2)36 Megatron's Master Plan(1/2)37 Desertion Of The Dinobots(1/2)38 Desertion Of The Dinobots(1/2)39 Blaster Blues40 A Decepticon Raider In King Arthur's Court41 The Golden Lagoon42 The God Gambit43 Make Tracks44 Child's Play45 Quest For Surviva46 The Secret of Omega Supreme47 The Gambler48 Kremzeek!49 Sea Change50 Triple Takeover51 Prime Target52 Auto-Bop53 The Search For Alpha Trion54 The Girl Who Loved Powerglide55 Hoist Goes Hollywood56 The Key to Vector Sigma(1)57 The Key to Vector Sigma(2)58 Aerial Assault59 War Dawn60 Trans-Europe Express61 Cosmic Rust62 Starscream's Brigade63 The Revenge of Bruticus64 Masquerade65 B.O.T.66 Five Faces of Darkness(1)67 Five Faces of Darkness(2)68 Five Faces of Darkness(3)69 Five Faces of Darkness(4)70 Five Faces of Darkness(5)71 The Killing Jar72 Chaos73 Dark Awakening74 Forever Is a Long Time Coming75 Starscream's Ghost76 Thief In The Night77 Surprise Party78 Madman's Paradise79 Nightmare Planet80 Ghost In The Machine81 Web World82 Carnage In C-Minor83 The Quintesson Journal84 The Ultimate Weapon85 The Big Broadcast of 200686 Fight Or Flee87 The Dweller In the Depths88 Only Human89 Money Is Everything90 Grimlock's New Brain91 The Call of the Primitives92 The Face of the Nijika93 The Burden Hardest to Bear94 The Return of Optimus Prime(1)95 The Return of Optimus Prime(2)96 The Rebirth(1)97 The Rebirth(2)98 The Rebirth(3)99 Transformers the MovieShippingI ship via USPS or Fedex Service, Shipping is $ 30.50 .Internationl Shipping is $46.00 Insurance is available For $4.50PaymentSerious bidders ONLY. I accept PAYPAL , Money orders, Cashier's Check, Personal Check, and Bid Pay. Winning Bidder- Payment must be received within 10 days of auction close. If paying with a personal check please allow 3-5 days to clear. 2 weeks day is NO payment NO E-mail to me I leave negative feedback for non-paying bidders