Item Description
Decked out in ten brilliant new colors, the newest FURBY is definitely dressed for success, but this FURBY in black has maybe the most versatile coat — does black ever go out of style? Whether you're taking FURBY out on the town or just staying in brushing up on your FURBISH, black is a great color choice for your favorite accessory.
With a mind of its own, your new Hasbro black FURBY will develop its personality based on how you play with it. It will dance to your favorite songs. Put it in a room with a few of its friends and they'll interact with each other in all sorts of hilarious ways while speaking either English or the special FURBY language, FURBISH.

Rusty on your FURBISH? Not to worry, because your FURBY in black comes with some basic FURBISH words, and you can also translate FURBISH using the downloadable FURBY App, available Fall 2012. Plus, the more you play with your black FURBY, the more English it will speak. You can also use the FURBY App to feed your new FURBY.