Item Description

Amazing, exclusive & unique

Suri Alpaca fur bedspread,

Top Quality Fur!


This warm, soft and espectacular Bedspread is handmade with the best quality in suri alpaca pelts.

Suri Alpaca is recognized for the softness and for length of the hairs. It is made in a neutral color, beige, able to fit perfect with any decoration in your rooms.

Feel the warm and nice touch of the Suri Alpaca and surely you and your loved ones will adore it!


Size: 245cm X 245cm (King Size)

96 x 96 inches


We are able to make any bedspread under your special measurement and in the natural colors of the alpaca fur (white, beige, light beige, brown). Please write us an email.







Important about the pelt products we sell:


 there is not one Alpaca that must die for this purpose of getting its fur. It is forbidden in Peru to kill Alpacas due to the fact that they are one of the peruvian national animals, so there is a commitment to protect them as well as the llamas and vicunhas.

On the other hand, it would be silly from the owners of these alpacas to do it  or allow others to kill them for economical reasons.  The explanation why?. The wool obtanined from these wonderful animals is much more expensive than the skin and it is possible to cut the wool from them many times giving as a result that more wool yarn can be trade in the textile market.

So, how we get this fur?

Alpacas natural habitat is in  the Andean of Peru up to 4,000 to 5,000 meters over the sea level. The temperature  in this area goes down till minus 30  degress at nights.  This brings as a consequence that many old and baby alpacas (cause they are the weaker ones) die due to the extreme weather conditions in this peruvian region.

Before, it was a big loss for the farmers who are in the majority, very poor people who live from this resource. They had to burn the dead Alpacas, loose the income and had big economic problems.  Later, it came into their minds the idea of using these pelts in a way that could bring an income to them giving the possibility to buy with this money more little alpacas not to decrease the amount they possesed.

It is in this way how it started to appear the carpets, rugs, bedspreads first in the national market and later they came to be named and known abroad.  We, on our side, found a way to work on these nice garments using this cosy and beautiful fur and bring them to you in the way in which you are now able to find them in our stores.