Item Description
 DON"T Be  FOOLed This
is the real DEAL!!!
Not  Plastic Blow doll ( you
can get those for .99 on Eb-y
14kg weight! 100% full silicone
solid male sex doll 
This full Silicone Solid Love
doll we supply to Europe market and its very popular in Europe
.  and this doll sell more then usd 7,000 in Europe
market.  here our factory sell direct from China for our
customer with bottom price.
Also this love doll pussy and
anus is can take out from doll ,because if its cant take out then
its very diffcult to clear also its not good for health.
  1. Silicone Doll entities: the
human body using high-grade silicone production, built-in skeleton,
feel and live exactly the same, can stand to sit, the head can
rotate. Pure beauty, pure, like beecheyana, Soul soul ...... she is
a photo of supplies for adults is also high-end products, if used
as a high-end smart clothing manufacturers models will also attract
numerous customers ......
    2. Silica Smart Doll: In addition to
silica gel with all the advantages of Man entity, the mind is also
built-in smart chip and sensors that can self-introduction would be
breathing and screaming ......
Waterproof — all styles are
solids, insoluble in water
Antifouling — nothing can stick doll body, easy to
Durable — you can use over and over again for a long
time, not easy to be damaged
Lifelike — strictly in accordance with the correct
scale molded into
Flexible — interface has a wide range of activities in
the region
Security – on the human body is absolutely safe,
non-toxic, no peculiar smell 
--Material Overview
Japan latest scientific achievements of the simulation model
in accordance with human skin, make, genuine products, feel good,
true to her skin, you can put on a different clothes, she is your
most loyal privacy lovers.
--height of 160cm, measurements: 82cm*65cm*85cm,  14kg;
--300 pound force;
--soft silicone gel genital and nipple;
--quite large soft breasts;
--vagina and anus, can anal sex;
--silica gel genital split design can be used independently
as a masturbation cup.
--real love "make a sexy sound";
--Multi-speed adjustable Love egg;
 DON"T Be  FOOLed This
is the real DEAL!!!
Not  Plastic Blow doll ( you
can get those for .99 on Eb-y
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