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Freedom Buds 7 Grams

I'm sure most of you are asking yourself, so what's all this I hear about herbal incense of late. Of course being a child of the 60's I became very curious about the whole thing just over a year ago after first reading about different herbal blends. During the past year I've checked out many different types of blends ... some good, some OK but most turned out to be simply terrible.

We finally found the whole package in Freedom Buds ... the strongest potpourri incense we've come across to date. We've found this to be 3X as strong as other blends like K2, Spice and the majority of others sold on the Internet. It's sparked with a sweet aroma that is pleasant and very satisfying. The soothing aroma of Freedom Buds smoke is sure to elevate your mood and put a smile on your face.

Many blends sell for $20 or more per gram while Freedom Buds sells for as low as $5 per gram ... PLUS you also get FREE SHIPPING.

Freedom Buds is an Herbal Incense that is made from a unique proprietary blend of rare botanical, extracts and herbs that are all legal. Our herb incense will arrive in a Static Guard UV protected Ziploc bag which keeps the natural organic contents much fresher and also makes it easier to handle. This is a novelty Herbal incense and is not for Human Consumption.

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Yes ... I was very skeptical at first also, but there is no doubt in my mind if you give it a try you'll end up being another extremely happy customer. 




Absolutley Awsome

Posted by nightrider on 27th Mar 2010

This blend is amazing. I will repeat many others when I say I was skeptical about the effects of Freedom Buds. I am not skeptical anymore. Keep up the good work and you guys have a customer for life. A++++++

Awesome product and service.

Posted by Jennifer on 24th Mar 2010

I have ordered numerous packs of this stuff and have always had blazing fast shipping and a product that really exceeded my expectations. Definitely was a skeptic but now I am a repeat customer for sure.

I was extremely skeptical at first...

Posted by Bobby on 22th Mar 2010

...and wound up very impressed!!! This product is exactly what I was hoping it would be after reading other reviews.
My experience has been diffent from others in that this product seems to relax me for many hours (not just one), or just as long as a certain other herb does.
The relaxing effects come on a little more intense than another herbal product, but it's much more even and smooth. The aroma is smoother, and the relaxation benefits are otherwise the same.
KUDOS to you for your continued efforts. I am and will continue to be a repeat customer as long as your product delivers.

Well done

Posted by Paul on 18th Mar 2010

I didn't know what to expect with this product. I had heard about herbal incense and wanted to see what the big deal was, when I saw how cheap Freedom Buds was I decided to go with it. Got here in about 3 business days. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this stuff worked. I wish I could get more, but as of this writing it is unavailable... :( I guess I'll have to wait and see.

        IT'S BACK !!!


Posted by M. JOHNSON on 18th Mar 2010


Very Good

Posted by Edward on 17th Mar 2010

This product is very good and is the first incense blend that actually was worth the money to me. Going to buy more very soon.

It really works

Posted by Mia on 17th Mar 2010

Wow I took a smell and thought I took one smell 2 really almost 2 good I think the 3g pack will last me a very very long time but I will order this for as long as I can.

HIGHly recommended!!

Posted by Paula on 17th Mar 2010

I have tryed many other herbal insence and this one is by far my favs. For 1 it's inexpensive and the shipping is SUPER FAST! Plus they ship USPS so you dont have to worry about being home for a package. 2 it has a much more natural aroma that creates a VERY "relaxing" atmosphere, which by my surprise "judging by the cost" it was just as effective as the blends that cost you $30.00 a gram, and the "relaxing aroma" lasts a nice while! I will definitely be a regular customer! Thank you John!!!

great incense

Posted by Jimothy Wright on 17th Mar 2010

This is really great incense, especially for the price. The smell and relaxing qualities are quite enjoyable. I will very well get this product again, highly recommended!!

Worth every penny and more!

I ordered this product with low expectations in mind because I have purchased other incense blends from other websites hoping they would chill my mood. Needless to say, I have wasted TONS of money. Fortunately, I didn't give up. I stumbled upon this product and though what the heck, give it a try. Let me tell you, it was exactly as described. Worth every penny. Even my most "experienced" friend was blown away. I am a customer for life. This blend is amazing. Word of advice, do not underestimate this blend. A little goes a long way. It's strong for me so if you use too much you might find yourself regretting's just that strong! Trust me, you will NOT regret it.




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