Item Description
New traction device, without any fixed installation.

Traction force: 800N

Traction stroke: 240mm

Simple, easy to use.

Dimensions: 940x450x75mm

New lumbar traction device is very suitable for families of patients with lumbar traction. Portable, inexpensive and the results obvious.

1. Press the only back handle, push the two gears to the start position.

2. Will wrench into the gears by the square hole (note the direction of adjustment wrenches).

3. Fixed by bonding to the waist with the waist.

4. Buttoned chest adhesive tape, the body upward Ting Shen, the two pull belt tensioner (two as the length of tape required).

5 reciprocating pulling the wrench, traction should be able to endure is appropriate, not to excessive traction.

6 traction after the bust and waist untied adhesive tape, apply a little rest.

For patients and family occasions, convenient self-traction.

With: with a lumbar traction, inflatable air pillow 1
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