Item Description
Description Mobile phone & GPS singal jammer cellphone
jammer shelter 869-894(CDMA),925-960(GSM)
1805-1808(DCS),1900-1990(PHS) 2110-2170(3G)/1600(GPS) - Effective
range: 0.5~15m - This small handheld GPS jammer device is smaller
than the average cell phone - Isolating Signal Bandwidth: -
CDMA/GSM: 865~885MHz/925~965MHz - DCS/PHS: 1800~1920MHz - GPS
1500~1600MHz - CDMA2000/WCDMA: 2110~2170MHz - Rechargeable 1200mAh
lithium battery - Able to charge it by use Nokia 3.0mm charger -
High quality design, Low heat anticipation, continues operation -
Effectively jamming the downlink signal with no interception to the
base station - Extreme lightweight for easy to carry - Low power
battery consumption, Jammers continues working time is about 2.5
hours - Mains charger: 110/220V AC input, 5V DC output - Car
Charger 12V DC input, 5V DC output - USB charging cable included
Weight : with box and accessories 0.4kg