Item Description
Today, the Old School Rassling Specialist has for you 4
discs of short-lived wrestling promotions that were just not meant
to be. These existed toward the tail end of the territory days
(late ‘80s to early ‘90s), but featured some familiar
names from various Southern promotions along with future stars
getting their first breaks in the business.
A fascinating time capsule of these hard to find
promotions. Almost 15 hours of bygone, but not forgotten territory
action. 5 discs in sleeves, no art. Make me an offer on this rare
set. Accept credit/debit payment thru Paypal and money orders. Free
U.S. Shipping. Inquire about rates to other countries.
The featured promotions are:
IWF Wrestling (4 hours – VG quality) – From
Florida, the first wrestling from Universal Studios before WCW or
TNA did it. Features such talent as the hilarious IWF Champ Mondo
Kleen (Damien Demento before he went to WWF for a cup of coffee),
The Terminator (Animal’s brother), C.W. Anderson, The
Incredible Thor, The Repo Man (not the WWF one), Announcer Kevin
Kelley (the WWF one), The Heartbreakers, Chubby Mo’ Cool,
Lightning Lou Perez, The Continental Lover, Nasty Ronnie, The
Stomper, The Possessor, The Dynamite Express, The Wild Thing,
goofiness from the Universal Studios lots and more!
Global Wrestling Federation (4 hrs – VG quality)
– From Texas, the territory run by Joe Pedicino that tried to
pick up where World Class left off in the Sportatorium … er,
Global Dome. Features such stars as Scott “Raven / Scotty
Flamingo” Anthony, Chaz, Steven Dane, Rod Price, Sweet Daddy
Falcone, Al Perez, “Maniac” Mike Davis, Gary Young,
Gen. Skandor Akbar, Sam Houston, Terry Garvin, Manny Fernandez, Max
Andrews is revealed as the Boss of the “Global Cartel”
and much more!
NWA (Crockett) from Texas and Tennessee
4 hrs. - VG to Great quality)
- See what happened after Jim Crockett sold WCW to ted
Turner with these rare TVs from 1994 ! Features a cast of NWA
regulars including the Rock 'n' Roll Express, Jim Cornette, Bobby
Eaton, Tully Blanchard, Greg the Hammer Valentine, Michael PS Hayes
, Road Warrior Hawk and many more! Of course, hosted by the Round
Mound of Sound Joe Pedicino! Features TV tapings from East Ridge TN
and the old Dallas Sportatorium where most of the new NWA action
occurred during this brief time frame. Very rare stuff from the
back pages of the onetime great promotion!
North Georgia Wrestling Alliance (2 hrs – VG Quality)
– A regional Georgia promotion from the late-‘80s and
very early ‘90s based out of the Rome area and sponsored by
famous furniture icon The Wolfman and his daughter Donna. Features
some truly hilarious redneck GA wrestling and, again, big Joe
Pedicino! Commentated and hosted by future WCW co-hosts/announcers
Steven “DeTruth" Prazak and Scott Hudson. Features Samuel F.
Kent & his beloved puppet co-host Junior, The Nasty Critters,
Mike Golden, Sunset Sam McGraw, hilariously bad promo man Dynamite
Dave, Shawn Wilde, Big Bubba, The audacious red mullet of Billy
Montana, Big Bo LeDeux, Steven DeTruth, The Big Tex Stable of Doom,
Dirty Danny Dees, Randy “Super Trooper” Mundy and
Georgia All-Star Wrestling (4 hrs – VG Quality)
– This promotion came between Deep South Wrestling (the
original), Southern Championship Wrestling and North GA Wrestling
in the late ‘80s. More Joe Pedicino here folks as, with
Georgia and Southern wrestling in the 1980s, he was pretty much
everywhere! Features such territory stars as Dustin “The
future Goldust” Rhodes, “Dirty” Dutch Mantell,
“Outlaw” Joel Deaton, Ken Timbs, Billy Starr, Jon
Michaels, Mr. Wrestling 2, The future Buff Bagwell debuts in the
ring as “Fabian”, The Assassin, Jim Holiday and many,
many more!