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Artemis Sitter v1.91 Pro Editions Number 1 Choice For Managing Trades

(PROFESSIONAL version. Forever usage, no expiry)
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Note: The picture show version v1.80 but You will get the latest verion v1.91 Pro Edition

The MT4 users number #1 Choice for managing trades.
What can Artemis_Sitter do for you?
The EA is designed to be used as an assisting tool for manual trading, meaning it  will babysit and manage any open trade manually entered and it will disregard  any existing trade which might have been triggered by another EA as long as this  other EA has used a Magic Number to differentiate its own trades. In short,  Artemis_Sitter will handle any order that has no Magic Number (manual entries  have none, or to put it better, their Magic Number equals 0).  It will allow you to place any kind of order by just using 1 key from your  keyboard, to move your stops using your mouse, to trail positions in various ways  and many other utilities described below.
Artemis_Sitter will do the following things once you put it / enable it on a chart:
- It will automatically secure a position, moving the stop loss above or  below (depending on the position) your entry price by any number of  pips you wish to secure.
- It will trail a position, moving the SL according to the number of pips  you wish to use as a trail.
- The trail can optionally start either from the beginning of the trade, or  after the position has been secured (moved to break even) depending  on your settings.
- You can optionally define any moving average,  the PSAR indicator or  the previous xx bars High or Low  to be used as a trail.
- You can optionally use a step trail mechanism. It will move your stops  by xx pips for every yy pips price moves in your direction.
- You can use multiple lot positions since Artemis_Sitter provides a  scale out mechanism and up to 3 different TP levels. This means that it  will automatically start to close portions of your initial lot size every  time a TP level is reached.
- Artemis Sitter provides a  quick Stop&Reverse mechanism. You can  reverse any trade in progress using a keyboard combination. The EA  will close currently opened trades and initiate a new one in the  opposite direction with the settings entered in the EA’s inputs. 
- There is also an automated Stop&Reverse mechanism based on the  Parabolic Sar indicator. If you enable this feature, then once Artemis  Sitter sees that PSAR changes direction and its new direction is against  your trade(s), it will close this trade(s) and initiate a new one in the  direction of the indicator.
You can use your mouse to move your stops or take profit level  directly on the chart, without going through the fuss of editing  your order the ‘usual’ way.
You can use keyboard shortcut keys to place any kind of order  and even a straddle (both long and short pending orders.
- It will also provide a multitude of visual onscreen information for  many things amongst them, upcoming news showing you the impact  of the news in corresponding color ( red  for very volatile,  orange  for  medium), your trade’s history flagged on the chart with the P&L for  each one etc…


Multiple lot sizes position support    
The EA can baby sit a trade with any lot number either standard, mini or micro  
Scale out positions        
It can break an initial position up to 3 parts allowing 3 different take profit levels
Masked SL and TP            
Initial SL and TP can be masked, the EA will monitor internally the real SL and TP values            
Secure Positions to Breakeven    
Can move SL to entry price + xx pips in order to secure your position
Standard Trail Mechanism        
Can trail a position via normal trail mechanism (xx pips below price) either from start or after position has been secured / moved to breakeven        
Advanced Trail Mechanism                                        
Through fully configurable Moving Average. Stop will follow the MA level
Through fully configurable Parabolic Sar. Stop will follow the PSAR level
Through previous xx bars High / Low. Stop will follow the Low previous xx bars for a long, the High of previous xx bars for a Short
Through Step Trailing. Stop will be moved by xx pips for every yy price move
Stop and Reverse Feature        
Close a position and open the opposite one, either through a key combination or Psar switch
SL and TP directly adjusted        
You can move abd adjust SL and TP levels by clicking on them and moving them to the desired levels just using your mouse on screen using your mouse
Trade Basket options        
3 Basket options available to shut down ALL trades when profit or loss reaches a predefined level    
You can close all trades at + or -                                        
xx total number of pips gain or loss                                    
xx total dollar amount gain or loss                                    
xx percentage based on account's balance
Immediate order entry        
You can use predefined keyboard shortcut keys to trigger any kind of order
On screen upcoming news info    
You can have a visual about upcoming news events along with the expected impact / volatility
On screen Pivot display        
You can have neat and clear daily pivot display on the chart
On screen Pivot proximity warnings    
You can have warnings on screen when price comes close to a pivot (daily and weekly)
On screen trade history display    
You can have all your trades clearly shown on screen with entry and exit levels and the profit or loss realized
On screen enhanced informations    
A multitude of valuable on screen display from market times, currency ranges, account and currency P&L etc…

What you will receive : Expert Advisor file, indicator file, detailed instruction manual


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