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Forced Entry comes these days with some weight of historical significance, above and beyond its own content. One of the earlier of "Vietnam vet goes crazy" flicks (though I recall Oddo and maybe others came first this was among the first to make a big impression) as well as being the film that really "broke" the 70's roughie genre (yes, I know Sex Psycho was first), its worth a watch on grounds of importance alone. But is it a good film in its own right? Well, yes and no. The best thing about it is its sheer grime. Crude, repetitive and utterly devoid of social merit the very sight of it slathers moist and grim across the eyes, by the end one watches the film as if through some sheen of noisome condensation. Speaking of noisome sheens, at one point the hero of this one spunks direct to the camera lens, always a sign of taste and class. Our hero, while we're on the subject is rather nicely portrayed by Harry Reems, he isn't as frightening as the role calls for but is finely compelling in a swarthy, intensely seedy kinda way, and makes good use of his lewd and hateful dialogue. The various rape scenes are suitably mean spirited, though I must say they could have been a lot rougher for my tastes, or hotter. By and large I'm of the opinion that cinematic rape should either be savagely violent, cruelly eroticised or both, but here they consist of pretty generic non consensual in out in out action, the dialogue makes them quite fun but there's little energy or style to hand and watching long close ups of a guys pounding member or bouncing nut-sac gets kinda dull after a while. Still, the important thing is that they're there, even though I wasn't that personally impressed the sheer affront to most peoples taste still makes it a winner to me. After all, most people suck (and not in the good way). The Vietnam connexion is fun as well, our crazy veteran suffers from constant flashbacks without rhyme or reason, the editing serving to almost promote a sense of hunted horror, it adds an interesting flavour to the mix and is particularly amusing at one point in which the film cuts from jism pooling topside of a broads buttcrack to dead Vietnamese children and back again. Actually this could be seen as a meaningful juxtaposition of of wasted lives but I laughed instead. I did wonder about the realism though. Why would a disturbed veteran, tormented by memory, oppressed by enemies even in peace, go out on a rape spree as opposed to just a general killing spree? If he saw enemies everywhere, why would he only search out chicks to kill? I could understand if the chicks were really hot or aggressive or something but for the most part they're just kinda rogue. He does hate hippies (doesn't everyone?) but I'm still not sure that excuses his single-mindedness. I guess this film is probably smarter than me, which isn't too much of a surprise. Anyhoo, this isn't a great film by any stretch but its still a must see for sleazoids. So if you haven't yet, you know, go track it down sucker.