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Dave Grohl recorded a 10 track demo back in 1990. Just as with
Foo Fighters demo, he played every instrument himself. He
gave this
demo to one of his friends, Jenny Toomey, who happened to own
Simple Machines records This demo was later released under
the band
name Late! The album title was "Pocketwatch".

The tracks are:
1. Pokey The Little Puppy
2. Petrol CB
3. Friend of a Friend
4. Throwing Needles
5. Just Another Story About Skeeter Thompson
6. Color Pictures of a Marigold
7. Hell's Garden
8. Winnebago
9. Bruce
10. Milk

(A different recording of "Marigold" later appeared as a
B-side of the Nirvana
"Heart-Shaped Box" single. A
different recording of "Winnebago"was released as a B-side of Foo
Fighters' "This Is a Call" single.)