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Flying Shark Remote Controlled Flying Clown fish Flying Shark Swim through the air, Best toy best gift in Stock + Free Shipping


Controller: Antenna
Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control
Range: Up to 40 feet

Flying Clown Fish:
Length (with tail): 61 inches
Height (with fins): 31.5 inches

Flying Shark:
Length (with tail): 63.8 inches
Height (with fins): 30.7 inches

Flying Shark

Hello and A Warm Welcome to On this website, we feature pictures, videos and links to the latest craze Flying Shark and Fish in the toy’s world, which features a remote controlled flying shark or flying clown fish swim through the air with amazingly smooth and lifelike motions.

These magnificent flying shark or clown fish provide endless hours of pure indoor fun and excitement for the whole family especially children. The flying shark or clown fish can maneuver in the smallest of rooms and run on standard AAA batteries. The movements are controlled by a hand held remote controller which gives control over forward movement, up/down and 360°turns.

The flying shark is filled with helium gas which can be easily obtained at any party shops, florist or your local grocery stores and they are inexpensive. One fill can last up to 3 weeks. Alternately, you can even purchase your own helium tanks to refill your flying shark at your own convenience.

The body of the flying shark is made from a high quality and durable nylon material which will not leak air easily and can stay inflated for up to 3 weeks. Fill up your flying shark as many times as you want for pure and crazy fun. Get yourself or your kids this magical fun toy now!
Flying Shark – You Must Be Joking
Flying Shark? Are you serious? Aren’t they supposed to be in the water? They need to be in the water to keep themselves alive or do they? Well we have been taught all the above when we were young and in school but do you know that there is a type of shark that can swim or fly in the air. It’s called the Flying Shark made by a company called William Mark Corporation.

The Flying Shark is actually a radio controller helium filled balloon in the shape of a shark. As you control the shark, it begins by flying around in the air at your beck and called all thru the remote control. You can make it goes forward, right, left, up, down and even make a 360° turn. William Mark Corporation has been inventing remote control toys for many years and this latest gadget has brought along a lot of frenzy to the kids.

If you felt threaten by the shark, there is a less intimidating clown fish for you to play with. It is amazing how smoothly these fishes fly around the room. Christmas is around the corner and this is definitely a top gift to consider for your kids or even for yourself.

Flying Shark has just recently been launched this year and it has been a craze for kids all over the world. Looking at the various videos on the Internet, I can say that these flying sharks or flying clown fish are very exciting to play with. You basically control these helium filled balloons in the shape of a flying shark or a flying clown fish and you can maneuver them around pretty easily with the hand held transmitter.

Without any interference from surrounding radio waves you can “fly” these flying sharks for up to 3 hours on one charge. However you may need to be very careful if you playing them in the house as it may knock things over such as your vases and fish tanks.

I have proceeded to order a flying shark and a flying clown fish for my son. I am very sure that he will be very excited to see them and will have hours enjoyment playing with them. Christmas is around the corner and you may want to buy one of these flying shark or flying clown fish for your kids, or even perhaps for yourself.