Item Description
Flipo is pleased to offer FUZE Jewelry!

FUZE Jewelry is fashioned from gem stones made of quartz, which are known for their natural healing attributes!!

FUZE Jewelry quartz are hand selected, shaped, and polished to specific standards that ensure each piece of Flipo FUZE Jewelry is unique and one of a kind. FUZE Jewelry quartz radiate an iridescent aura of light, and in a gradual process seamlessly shift through a vibrant spectrum of soothing color.

This luminosity exposes the natural inclusions of each stone, revealing the captivating inner beauty of every piece of Flipo FUZE Jewelry. The elegant settings for each item are crafted from machined stainless steel and accentuate the distinctiveness of each Flipo FUZE Jewelry creation. Flipo FUZE Jewelry comes ready to wear with batteries included. Add a bit of dazzle and shine to you look with a piece of Flipo FUZE Jewelry.

* 9.5" length from necklace to the magnetic clasp.
* Magnetic clasp functions as a switch.
* Runs on 2 CR927 batteries installed in the clasp.
* Includes 2 additional batteries.
* Beautiful silver presentation box.