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This is a high quality Mayweather set. Video and Audio is very good quality on the older fights and excellent on the new fights.
Set comes in 3 DVD cases total. The first case holds 12 discs, the second case holds 12 discs and the third case holds 2 discs. Note that the Canelo fight comes in paper sleeves and is an addition to the set.
Full color labels on all discs and full color covers on the cases.
Includes Mayweather’s most recent fight versus Robert Guerrero (From May 4 2013).
In addition to all his fights, many extras are also included.

Contents of each disc are shown on the label as well as the back of the cases. Each disc comes with a customized menu showing the fights on that disc.
Disc 1: Apodaca; Sanders; Cooper; Ayala; Rodriguez; Giepert; Duran; Shields; J.Chavez
Disc 2: L.Leija: Garcia; Nunez; Arroyo; Melo
Disc 3: Cuello; Hernandez; Manfredy
Disc 4: Rios; Juuko
Disc 5: Gerena; Vargas
Disc 6: Burton; Corrales
Disc 7: C.Hernandez; J.Chavez
Disc 8: Castillo 1; Castillo 2
Disc 9: Sosa; N`Dou
Disc 10: Corley; Bruseles
Disc 11: Countdown To Gatti; Gatti;
Soul of a Champion: Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Quite Frankly feat. Mayweather
In this Corner feat. Mayweather
Disc 12: Mitchell; Judah

Disc 13: Carlos Baldomir;
Disc 14: Oscar De La Hoya
Disc 15: Ricky Hatton 24/7
Disc 16: Ricky Hatton
Disc 17: Juan Manuel Marquez 24/7
Disc 18: Juan Manuel Marquez
Disc 19: Sugar Shane Mosley 24/7
Disc 20: Sugar Shane Mosley
Disc 21: Victor Ortiz 24/7; 24/7 Overtime, Face Off, Conan show, Ask the Fighter
Disc 22: In and Out feat Floyd and Ortiz; Victor Ortiz; Post fight conference
Disc 23: Face Off; Miguel Cotto 24/7; Speaking Out
Disc 24: Miguel Cotto

Disc 25: All Access feat Robert Guerrero; other extras
Disc 26: Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero

Not in Case:
Disc 27: Canelo Extras
Disc 28: Canelo