Item Description
Clip On Earrings Flower Girl Jewelry Burnt Brown Pearls
Pearls Jewelry has never been at
the level that is now. There are more beautiful choices than ever
before from all parts of the world. This Necklace Set is made with
beautiful Burnt Brown Pearls is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! New High
Quality Bridemaids Bridal Flower Prom Wedding Burnt Brown Pearls
Necklace and Earring Set. In rich complimentary colors that work
magic as they delight the senses!
Material: 8mm Burnt Brown Pearls
Length: 16 Inches with extension 2 INches
Earrings: Measuers 1 Inch long Clip on earrings
Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction for Material & Workmanship
used in making this Jewelry
We can make matching Bracelet and/or CUSTOMIZE the Jewelry
per your style, color choices