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Set of Four Floss Holders for your needlework projects. The set will hold 64 floss colors.

This set of floss holders is designed to be used with a 3-ring binder (not included). However, they can be used without the binder.

Made of 1/8" hardwood. (Walnut, oak, maple, or myrtlewood) Each holder is 11" x 3". The choice of wood is up to Ted's Creekside Hobby Shop
Each holder is drilled with 16 holes for holding floss and 3 holes to enable the holder to be inserted into a 3 ring
They are sturdy and re-useable. The Creekside system of arranging floss is simple.
#1 - The Floss Holders DO NOT come pre-numbered. Number the holes in the FLOSS HOLDER starting with 1. Apply the numbers in anyway you want. You can put them on with Permanent Marker, or as I have done in the second picture, rub on numbers.
#2 - Number the chart symbols/colors starting with 1.
#3 - Put #1 floss on the chart into the #1 hole on the Floss Holder. Continue until all the colors are done.
#4 - When you need a certain color for the project. Look at the symbol and the number YOU put beside it, then go to the Floss Holder and use that number. For instance: The symbol is a heart, you have written the #4 beside it, go to the Floss Holder and remove the correct amount of threads from #4.

When you use this system there is no need to write the color number from the floss maker onto the Floss Holder.
This is why the system is re-usable over and over.
Personal Note: I bought one of those messenger bag 3 ring binders. It has lots of pockets and places to put needles, scissors, rulers, etc., and holds the Floss Holders easily. It also has room for the project pattern and if my project is smaller, it holds the project as well.
Happy Stitching.

Additional holders can be purchased. They cost $7.50 each. Just let us know how many additional holders you would like prior to purchase.
Allow 1 week for shipping. These items are made AFTER you purchase them and we have received the paid receipt from PayPal

Shipping included in the price. They will be mailed USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box. This size box was chosen to protect the holders. They are not insured.
The second picture is of MY PERSONAL floss holder. It has been used MANY YEARS. It is to show you how the numbers have been applied with rub-on numbers and also how the floss is attached to the holders. Floss is not included with the Floss Holders you buy.