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Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars


(The Second of the Flash Gordon Serials)

Made in 1938, this was the follow-up to the original highly successful Flash Gordon film serial.

Like the first, it stars Buster Crabbe as Flash Gordon, Jean Rogers as Dale Arden, Frank Shannon as Dr. Zarkov and Charles Middleton as Ming the Merciless. Also in the principal cast are Beatrice Roberts as Queen Azura, Donald Kerr as Happy Hapgood, C. Montague Shaw as the Clay King, and Wheeler Oakman as Ming's chief henchman.

This sequel begins as did the original: there's another crisis threatening the Earth: a chemical element called Nitron, is vanishing from the atmosphere, causing hurricanes and other meteorological disasters. Flash and Zarkov use an aeroplane to take measurements only to discover that a ray-beam from Mars is the source of the nitron depletion. A newspaper journalist, Happy Hapgood, arrives on the scene to get the scoop, and stows away when they, together with Dale Arden, leave to investigate in Zarkov's rocket ship...


1. New Worlds to Conquer
2. The Living Dead
3. Queen of Magic
4. Ancient Enemies
5. The Boomerang
6. Tree-Men of Mars
7. The Prisoner of Mongo
8. The Black Sapphire of Kalu
9. Symbol of Death
10. Incense of Forgetfulness
11. Human Bait
12. Ming the Merciless
13. The Miracle of Magic
14. A Beast at Bay
15. An Eye for an Eye


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