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Platform: PC Genre: Sports
Rating: E - Everyone Sub-Genre: FISHING
: New Format: NTSC (US, Canada)
Publisher: eGames, Inc. Release Date: Jan 05, 2001
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The wacky fishing game that pits you against fish and other creatures. Cast your rod and reel and catch fish against the clock, while avoiding the sea monster, alligators, and sharks. Pilot your boat around the lake to catch fish and win prize money. Includes 30 unique lakes, cool sound effects and more!

The easiest and safest way to take the whole family fishing without leaving the house!

The Tutorial Lake should be the first for beginners to get a feel for the maneuvering of the boat and how the reel and cursor works and how to get out of the danger spots and move backwards. Lake Fishy costs ten dollars to enter with the first prize awarded being one hundred dollars. Many of the lakes are played against the clock with others a limit to how many fish can be caught. Once you have chosen your person then you can go to the options for upgrading. Since there is only fifty dollars and you need ten to enter the tournament in Lake Fishy you can upgrade the lure for twenty-five dollars.

Upgrade lure - starts at twenty-five dollars, and once you have upgraded the price goes up to fifty dollars with the final upgrade costing one hundred dollars. The supply must be depleted I assume because there are no other options.

Upgrade rod/reel - this goes from $250 to $500

Upgrade boat - $5000 - I have never upgraded to this level yet, still trying to get there!

Lake Fishy - look out for the lake monster for he will eat whatever fish you have. This is for beginning fisherman, but my favorite because I can get one hundred bucks quickly and stock pile my money for upgrades. There is shallow water to look out for, but close by is a timer that if you bump into it will give you another 15 seconds. Close by is a treasure chest with fifty dollars to add to your bank. The time for this lake is 220 or 300 depends on options I think and you have to get four fish that weight over nine pounds.

The River - once you have won at Lake Fishy then the River is available to fish at. This has two gators at the opening of the race. You will have to outrun them and catch two fish in 120 seconds to win $150. There is a fish not too far once you get away from the Gator, but it is hard to catch. Make sure after you win a few times at Lake Fishy that you do an upgrade on rod and lure to make this easier. There is another fish not too far away but you will get stuck in shallow area and have a hard time getting out. There is a Gator lurking around farther too. There is no fee for the River.

The hardest part is getting stuck in shallow water or near the barricades. If you press the right and left clicks on the mouse at the same time this makes the boat go backwards. I usually have my son behind me or next to me telling me to watch out for the monster or the sharks and this messes my concentration in watching the ball to be in the middle to click it just at the exact time.

You need to be focused on all that is happening and can beat the clock, win races, prize money and advance to the next tournament. What I like doing is timing myself to see how fast I can catch the four fish in Lake Fishy. My son is left-handed and I think some of his problems stem from using his right hand while moving the cursor. Perhaps if I moved the mouse to the left side of the keyboard he would maneuver the boat easier.

The fish are sometimes hard to spot depending on what lake you are in. There are times I arrive at Lake Fishy to find about five fish close by and other times you have to move around to find them. The fish range in sizes from one pound and up.

This is fun for the whole family, my kids like to watch when I play, you can hear the sounds in the other rooms of the house so I know when my son caught a fish. The sound of the fish going back in the water splashing is funny too. The reel sound gets on my nerves after awhile, it reminds me of a creaking sound. Before you know it you have been fishing for almost two hours. Your fingers will get tired as you continually click to catch fish after fish while beating the clock and exploring new lakes.

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Special Features
30 Unique Lakes; cool sound effects; amazing graphics.


Players: 1 Player
Controller: Keyboard, Mouse
Memory Card: No

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