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Fish Shocker - Fish Stunner

How many times have you waited for the fishing float to sink? How many times have you waited for your dream catch? Why wait?! All you need is the fish stunner! The great thing about this fish shocker is that it does exactly what’s on the label; it shocks the fish. It confuses them and brings them much closer to the surface for an easy catch in the net.

Fish Stunner instructions
Fish Shocker Features:

Easy to use
DOES NOT kill the fish
Saves time
Saves money
No more bait

Catfishes are notorious to catch especially as they are deep water dwellers. This fish stunner can even shock the deepest of dwellers including catfish. This catfish stunner or shocker is the easiest way to catch them - you’ll be known as the King of Catfishes! What a great way to start your fishing career!
Fish Shocker 900 W

Imput Voltage: 12V
Imput Curret: 70A
Ouput Voltage: 750-1400V
Out Power: 1300W
Ouput Frequency: 20-180HZ
Ouput Duration: 24A/2hours
Battery Life: No Battery