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Reading and Writing Rogue robots are
on the loose! With the Computer Cool SchoolTM DC Super Friends
Software, you can listen to the story and follow along to find out
how you can help Batman and the DC Super Friends defend Gotham
City. Answer riddles and practice writing, too! Math Help Green
Lantern round up robot villainsand make sure The Joker doesnt catch
him! Learn about numbers, counting, sequencing and more, with three
levels of play. Art: Create your own themed artwork to print or
display in the Batcave! Draw, paint, stamp and more. Music: The
Joker loves the clanking sounds made by machines and robot parts.
You can change the tempo to make songs play fast or slow. Science:
Figure out the clues and take pictures to help Batman find the
robot culprit! Also features 40+ activities to print for on-the-go
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