Item Description

You are bidding on 10pcs FISH FINDER RIGS WITH SWIVELS    HAND MADE  HIGH QUALITY BRAND NEW ITEM   EACH RIG INCLUDE...EAGLE CLAW DUAL LOCK SNAP SIZE 6 -EAGLE CLAW CRANE SWIVEL SIZE 3 - STAINLESS STEEL SPLIT RING SIZE 8  80LBS - FISH FINDER SINKER SLIDE,  every component is rated 70lbs PLUS     Total length 3"       These  Rigs have been designed to be used in fast water as well as deep water. They come with a built in swivel to minimize line twist. Get more fish and have your line in the water longer instead of wasting time FIGHTING twisted lines.  These rigs make it is easy to change over to a different rig or sinker without cutting the line.   Components retail price 1.0$ +   per rig.  Check out my !


 RIG shown with 6oz sinker on 40lbs line, they are not included with RIG


 A must for every tackle box.