Item Description
Firestorm takes place in the year 2014, where the world is threatened by the Black Orchid. A team of specialists from around the world called Storm Force is created. The best of the best is Storm Force 9, a six member team led by Sam Scott. Equipped with advance vehicles and weapons, their code name is Firestorm.Storm force 9 is set up to fight and defeat the Black Hawk which co-operate with the aliens to take over earth.The force consists of 5 members chosen for their skills and expertise.They are lead by a commander who control the mother ship.The Black Hawk has bases all around the world and they set havoc to destroy the Storm Forces especially Storm Force 9 which defeat them all the times.Their ultimate and final mission is named as Fire Storm.Two Americans, Gerry Anderson and John Needham, are involved in this project. Gerry Anderson is the creator of such shows as Thunderbirds and Space 1999.Dialogue : Japanese Subtitle : Chinese/English/Off Region : All Region, Free Code DVDx3 Episodes : 1-26 Running Time : Approximately 26x25 mins