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**** Tired of wearing sweaters all winter tring to save on Home Heating cost Got Wood!

This is a great large area heater, capable of providing entire floor level heating. Rated at over 124,000 Btu’s it produces well over 5 X more heat, using less wood, than any other fireplace product - wood, gas, electric, propane, gel or pellet heater and in comparable usage will last over 5 X longer and it works in most wood burning fireplaces, with or without doors. Don’t be fooled by inferior, wannabe products claiming to turn your fireplace into a furnace - This is the original and only 'Furnace for Your Fireplace, that will Last a Lifetime'.

Fireplace Furnaces Inc
124,000 BTU Grate+ Heater
(Made in America)
How it Works:
Unlike single method (grate-only) heating systems these heaters are designed to utilize a furnace efficient dual heating method; using both elements of a fire – the flame and the embers. With this design you build a fire and get great heat instantly, you let it burn down and you still get great heat. There's no waiting for the wood to burn and constant feeding of the fire until you have a large bed of ember to produce heat.

The heater is placed in your firebox and the blower connects to, simply slide onto, the inserts grate tubes. You build a fire by placing wood into the grate, just as you normal do, and turning on the blowers. That’s it - the flame instantly heats the back and tops of the grate tubes producing heat. While the fire burns the back and top of the tubes get hotter and hotter and the burning embers, captured by the units ember retaining mesh screen, blanketing the heating tubes, superheating them to “ember hot’. The Blower force floor level cool air through the 2" diameter tubes venting fire-hot heat out the top of the tubes (above the fires air draft).

. Insert measures - 23"H x 18"W x 19"D (smaller sizes available)
. Insert weight = 30 lbs.
. Blowers 115v, .45a/.65a, 55/85 cfm @ 0 sp. Comes fully assembled with 6’ heavy-duty power supply cord (for more details visit my store).
. Strong flexible steel connecting tubes are 14" L. (can be reduced if necessary to enclose within your fire screen.
. Units shipping weight 45 lbs

. Un-obstructed fireplace opening of 24" H x 22" W
. Depth (measured from the inside front wall of the firebox to the rear wall) must be 19” or greater
. For fireplace with doors frame across the bottom – Frame must be less than 4" in height - so as not to block the connection of blowers to grate tubes (modified sizes available).
. Will not work with certain "drop, recessed or mobile home" fireboxes - see my store for other models.

Shipping and Handling
. Buyer will pay a flat $45 for shipping and handling (within contiguous US only). All other please contact seller.
. Purchase Payment must include s/h cost
. Shipping will be made upon verification of payment
. For instant payment purchases all units are generally shipped within 1-3 business day.
. Insurance included within S&H cost
. Shipment will only be made to the buyers confirmed PayPal address.
. Due to the cost of this product the standard ground service shipment will require a direct signature confirmation for delivery

Return Policy – As these are very seasonal items there are no returns accepted. Thus you must be very cautious to insure the unit will fit within your fireplace before buying. For damaged in shipping goods, shipping insurance will apply (insurance is covered in s/h fee). If product is used with ‘damage in shipping defect’ insurance and product warranty is voided. The buyer is expected to read and understand all of the requirements as it pertains to their application, before purchasing. Purchasing constitute the buyer agreement with all the conditions set forth.

Please email me with any questions, I try to respond to all questions the same day as received, and visit my website for complete product testimonials –
Want more detail – READ ON!

Power - This unit is powered with 3 individually controlled BLOWERS (not fans) which are:
• thermally protected (blower and cord)
• sleeve bearing drive (not heat sensitive like Ball Bearing)
• multi-speed - high/low, on/off
• DELIVERS 85 cubic-feet-minute of heat
That’s 255 cubic-feet-a-minute of fire-temperature heat. That’s well over 5 X the heat of a standard fan powered grate heater (like Cozy, Heat-N-Glo, Fireplace Radiator, Hastyheating, Spitfire, etc.). It's enough heat to re-circulate all the air in a large 20' x 20' room every 12 minutes, an average 1500 sf area ever 40 minutes.
Note1: Standard Grate heaters use a fan and manifolds with 90 degree bends, undersize and/or flat tubing - all reduce a fans rated CFM air delivery. Easily by as much as 50%, so if they advertise a 100 CFM fan it delivers less than 50 cfm of heat. With this unit you get 255 CFM of fire hot heat - greater heat/air temperature and greater circulation velocity (read on).
• Note2: Don’t be misled by sellers calling a fan a blower - there is a big difference between a fan and a blower. Fans are designed using blades to gently circulate air, without force, over a wide area. Blowers use a corrugated wheel to concentrate and propel air, with force and velocity to overcome resistance, through a confined passage (like your furnace ducting). Naturally blowers create greater heat output velocity thus providing greater area size heating capability.
• Note3: when using the blower on high speed it will draw less than 3 amps of electrical current. Visit my website for blower specifics

Design - these heaters are designed for function, comfort and convenience.
. The Grate Tubes - are vertically mounted, 2” diameter multi -“C”-shaped steel tubes, Why?
As over to 90% of a fires heat is given off by a fires flame the only way to capture that heat is with vertically mounted "C" shaped tubes that are optimally sized to efficiently and effectively fully utilize your fire as a heating source. The back and top (the grate+) are continuously heated by the flames providing ever increasing, hotter and hotter, tube heating. The result is heat - unachievable with any single method, grate only system.

. Blower –Unlike any other fireplace heating system this unit provides the perfect compliment of heat - volume and temperature, matching blower speed with heating tube capacity. The Blower is a quiet sleeve-bearing industrial strength utility blowers. It operates at high (85 cfm) or low (55 cfm) speed and has on/off control (see store for more details) and attaches directly onto and is matched perfectly in diameter size to the heater tubing. Nothing is lost –
. No “air flow constriction" – as with smaller grates tubes and compounded by heated air expanding in undersize tubes.
. No ‘static pressure" resistance – as with fan-boxes or manifold units indirectly venting air. With this design – the blowers suck in floor level cool air and discharge every cubic foot, at rated speed, as fire hot heat - at waist level, above the fire’s draft. The heat output is so hot it will burn your hand from a foot or more away.

Flexible Connecting Tube - the 14 inch flexible tubing connecting the blowers and the heating tubes is truck exhaust tubing. Strong carbon-steel capable of withstanding “dropped logs” without cracking or rupturing (and remember there are no welds to crack) and heat rated to 450 degrees (as they never come in contact with the fire with the high volume of cool air going through it - it never even gets very hot).

Ember Retaining Screen – the unit’s 1 1/2” diamond mesh screening is heavy gauge steel, it's the same screening used by Landmann and other grate manufactures on their quality Ember Retaining Grates. It's secured to the frame under the tubing, and elevated 4” above the Firebox floor. It captures the fires embers to provide a deep blanket that covers the heating tubes - super heating them.

Venting - The grate tubing is spaced 6" apart. This not only compliments the use of 2” tubing to enhance the fires air circulation, but it also provides the highly critical unobstructed venting of smoke from your fire. There's never any "blocked" or "rolling" smoke caused by the heater.

Material - This unit is built to last, on average over 5 X longer (30+ years) than any other Fireplace Heater! Once again - unlike any other fireplace product it is made completely of high grade/high gauge, machine fabricated, low-carbon industrial steel. Large sized and heavy-walled to provide:
. Strength and Durability
. Efficiency Fire Burning (air circulation for hot burning and complete fuel consumption)
. Extreme heat conductivity
. High volume air flow
. Thermal burn through protection
.Extremely long life (I can’t guarantee it but it should easily last 30 or more years – see product testimonials).

Construction - It’s fastened with high grade, tempered steel nuts & bolts, for unmatchable strength, durability and heat tolerance. Why not welded? Simple - Metallurgy 101. Welding metals of dissimilar properties and expose that weakness to the constant, uneven and extreme heating and cooling variations within a fireplace, compounded with the weight of a large wood-stack, and they will surely fail. It’s just a matter of time; sooner or later depending on your frequency of use. What then? The bolts, like the unit itself, will never fail!

Uses Less Wood - With this unit, you simply combine the use of blower speeds and fire size to control the amount of heat produced and the volume of wood you burn. On moderately cold days build a small fire and use a single blower on low speed to kill the chill. As the temperature drops - kick up the fire a little and use all the blowers on low speed, when the temp plummets jack up the fire and turn up the blowers. Whatever the weather you’re ready. It's totally in your control how much wood you burn and heat you produce.

Economy: The energy cost of operating each blower is less than using a 100 watt light bulb. That's over 124,000 Btu's of heat for less than watching the average TV.

Savings - with this heater you will not only reduce your reliance on oil, gas and electricity to heat your home and you will also SAVE $$$$ on your heating cost. It could easily pay for itself in a single winter or less and continue to save you money for many, many years to come.

Installation - All units come fully assembled so there's no installation. Simply unpack the unit and put it in your fireplace, slide on the blower and you're ready to go. It only takes a couple of minutes from unpacking to building a fire.

Safety: This unit comes with many important safety features you won't find on any other heater:
. The heater tubing is contoured to the rear firebox wall so it fits snugly and safely in the rear of your firebox.
. The blowers sit well outside the firebox (unlike Heat-N-Glo, Cozy, etc.) and are thermally protected (blowers and cords)
. The unit comes with a 6" adjustable Heater Tube Extension Sleeves to insure the high velocity of air does not back-draft smoke into the living area (Ideal for fireboxes > 20" Deep)
. The fireplace opening and the blowers completely enclose within a freestanding fire-screen
. The unit has a 4inch 16-gauge steel plate across the front (see pic) to:
. Reduce the radiant heat exposure to the blowers
. Reduce the rolling of burning logs
. Reduce 'popping ember' discharges

Cleaning - These units are open faced and elevated 4" for easy cleaning. It doesn't sit flat on the firebox floor and there's no dangerous and dirty "removing the unit" to clean up. With this unit cleanup is a snap.

Portability – After the burning season you can store it away. There’s no unsightly, dirty, smelly, "permanent insert” sitting in the fireplace all year long. If you move – take it with you.

Power Outage - These units significantly increase your fireplace heat output even during a power outage thru natural convection heating. Even without use of the blowers a fire will draft air into the bottom of the heater tubes and vent hot air, adding convection heat to the fires normal radiant heat.

Noise Level: I would rate this as fairly quiet, generally producing background noise - much like running a large portable fan at low or medium speed. A simple 'noise-level-guide' would be a few clicks up on the TV volume for each blower running at high speed.

Please email me with any questions, I try to respond to all questions the same day as received, and visit my website for complete product testimonials –