Item Description
Final Fantasy: Unlimited is pretty much a show for all ages, but at the same time it offers a story that is as epic as any of the games. The series throws a lot at the viewer during each half hour episode. The series starts out in the Outer World, which is similar to the Tokyo of today, and then shifts to the Inner World which is something right out of... well, that's hard to describe, because the Inner World embodies elements from every Final Fantasy game. Some of the more overt references are in line with remixed music cues such as the victory and chocobo themes. There are also more elusive things such as the altered appearance of Final Fantasy VIII's Ragnarok ship as one of the winged beasts and a subway train that looks like it was ripped straight from Final Fantasy VI. Each person will surely get something different from each episode, but it is clear that the creators definitely put in these references as a sort of Easter egg for fans of Final Fantasy.Dialogue : English/Japanese Subtitle : English/Spanish/Chinese/Off Region : All Region, Free Code Disc Type : DVDx3 Episodes : 1-25 Running Time : Approximately 25 x 30 mins