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Excellent Technicolor photography, principally in the aerial scenes, is the main asset of FIGHTER SQUADRON. Set in the months just prior to D-Day, the plot zeroes in on Major Ed Hardin (Edmond O'Brien), leader of a squadron of fearless combat pilots. In keeping with the conventions of the era, the training and flying sequences are counterbalanced with comic byplay involving wheeler-dealer Sergeant Dolan (Tom D'Andrea), whose flippant attitudes towards the opposite sex are a bit hard to take today. Far more effective is the performance of 15-year-old Jack Larson, making his screen debut in the role of a rookie pilot who grows up in a hurry after scoring his first kill (Larson later gained TV immortality as Jimmy Olsen on SUPERMAN). Also making his first screen appearance, in a role so small it isn't even billed, is a former truck driver named Rock Hudson.

Cast: Robert Stack, Edmond O'Brien, Henry Hull, Tom D'Andrea, John Rodney

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