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Official iPower Silicone

Health Band



" The Next Generation of Health and Fitness Products "



The Authentic ION Powered Silicone iPower Health Wristbands Collection.


? Increase Balance Dramatically

? Boost Strength Instantly

? Maximize your Endurance

? Instantly Improve Flexibility

? Perfect your energy Flow


Review the The iPower Health Wristband Silicone Collection .  We have many combinations of colors and styles, we also have an entire line of performance enhancing products with technology that not only exceeds anyone else, but improves the lives of all of our users every day.  We believe all of our products will exceed your expectations and any results you have experienced from similar products.

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The Packaging is theft proof with color on both sides measuring 5in x 5in.

We put either one or two holograms in each band which have been programmed with ionic frequencies that can help balance your body to its most ideal levels. This hologram technology can help the human body by balancing the frequency based on the bioelectric current of each individual wearing the band.   IHC Bands   are safe to wear in water. They come in multiple sizes as well.


Small 6 inch circumference bands for single hologram are ideal for unisex/kids who have smaller size wrists

Medium (7 inch) and Large (8 inch) for double hologram bands. Medium is for average size wrists (most popular) and Large for the bigger sized wrist.   Use a tape measure and get an idea of which size would be ideal for you.  


IHC Bands are embedded with holograms which help to:


? Increase Balance Dramatically

? Boost Strength Instantly

?   Maximize your Endurance

? Instantly Improve Flexibility

?   Perfect your energy Flow

The hologram discs in   IHC Bands   are embedded with a range of frequencies that communicate with the meridians of your body and can help promote a more balanced, rhythmic and healthy body.


" By far better than the regular power balance bands. I am a nursing student so I am on my feet a lot and I have bad knees and tired achy feet. These seem to really help! I also feel an effect with my energy with not being so exhausted all the time. Also I was getting bad headaches from school and I think it has helped with those!!! I was as skeptical as anyone thinking   these could really help and they do!!! I wish I found them ages ago!"

Kim Seale, White Oak, PA


"I believe it has helped me to heal a swollen ankle I have had for some time as well as improved my balance.   I practice Kung Fu regularly and was looking for something that would produce the effects your product offers".

Reinaldo Toro, Pittsburgh, PA


"I swapped out my MOJO wristband for the iPower HealthBand and it works even better.    I seem to be calmer and less stressed now which is an effect of the IHC that I didn't get before with the MOJO"

Ed, Destin, FL

"I have tried several different brands and the iPower is by far the most durable, powerful and I love the design and huge selection of colors.   Besides all the extra balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance it gives you, it has helped my arthritis where I couldn't even walk down stairs before and now I can like I am 25 years old again."

Ron, Willoughby Hills, OH


"I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for years and it has helped the pain where now when I move my wrist, it is barely noticeable."

Teresa, Alpharetta, GA


"The iPower HealthBand is an amazing product.   I don't understand everything behind the technology and I don't care.   All I know it works and the energy I get is phenomenal."

Mike, Cincinnati, OH

"After receiving my iPower HealthBand and putting it on, I noticed the effects were immediate.   My overall health has improved...besides the energy I just I feel better!   I even think better and it has improved my outlook on life."

Sherry B., Gainesville, GA


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