Item Description
Whole String Size: 32CM Long of the whole ornament
Yuan Bao: 6CM (L) x 1.5CM (H)
Color:Red string
Condition: Brand new
Quantity:1 PCS
Product Code:CP283
You are bidding on a Very Nice Chinese Coins Ornament / Pendant!

History indicates that YUAN BAO (SYCEE) were a form of tribute or royal reward presented to the Emperor by officials, and in Chinese ancient Tang Dyansty. As a result, boat shaped YUAN BAO is treated as an ornament symbolized wealth and prosperity.

This gorgeous Chinese hanging ornament /pendant from Qing dynasty are comprised of 3 Yuan Bao, which is made up of nice replica of chinese ancient copper coins.

Each YuenBo have comprised of 12 Chinese I-Ching Coins including: Shun-Chi, Kang-hsi, Yung-Cheng, Chien-Lung, Chia-ching, Tao-Kwong, Shen-Fung, Tung-Chi, Kwong-Shui, Shuen-Tung. Total 36 coins. This Auspicious Coin Yuan Bao is hung from an Eternal Knot and four golden baddish balls to protect against evil intent. There are also two red tassels with gold string to further enhance your protection from negative energies.

Feng Shui Master believes if you hang these Chinese coins, this will grant you good fortune and prosperity as well as protect your assets. This Chinese coins are also used as amulets for protection against negativity or harmful influences.

This Chinese Coins ornament is a Very nice gift for yourself or your friends. You can place this hand made prosperity symbol in the wealth corner of your house or in office , hang near a cash register, car, phone or put on your bag to attract more wealth and against evil intent!

Think of putting one at your living room or office in order to draw fortune and wealth. If you don't believe on FENG SHUI, you could still treat it as Chinese ancient arts for home decoration OR you can resell it