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FEMINA RIDENS (The Frightened Woman - 1969)
- This incredible slice of 1960’s Italian sexploitation
revolves around a magically erotic performance by the beautiful
Dagmar Lassander, caught here in her prime period. This campy and
erotic psycho-melodrama follows the hijinks of a rich, jaded sadist
played by Philippe Leroy. Dagmar features into the plot as an
inquisitive journalist who finds herself entangled in his vicious
games. Eventually, she turns the tables on her tormentor, but only
after suffering through enough sado-masochistic mind games and
group sex games to turn audience members heads. Lassander looks
fabulous in each and every scene, whether or not she is wearing any
clothes! Directed by Piero Schivazappa, the film has also been
released under the title, THE LAUGHING WOMAN. We’ve unearthed
this rare excellent VHS-quality widescreen print of the original
and uncut Italian-language version of this seldom-seen
Eurosploitation classic, which has never before been released on
DVD. Comes with its original full-color white paper sleeve.
Language: Italian
Format: DVD-R, NTSC, region-free
(plays worldwide)
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