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Star Trek: Federation Technological Survey

The entire 142-page book on CD-Rom

Contained on this disk is the entire Federation Technological Survey book on CD-ROM. The original book came out in 1991 and was meant to be a companion-piece to the "Officers Manual". Distribution of this fan-produced book was limited during its first printing due to Paramount Pictures crackdown on fan produced products at that time. It has long been popular at SciFi conventions and an eBay rarity. I decided to update this book by converting it to a CD-ROM format in both an Adobe PDF format and as a series of higher resolution GIF images with a web-based menu.


  • Section 1: Federation historical timeline and listing of all Federation facilities on Earth
  • Section 2: Detailed analysis and capabilities of four Starfleet vessels. Includes a Warp Nacelle cutaway
  • Section 3: Analysis and illustrations of Klingon and Ferengi starships
  • Section 4: Starfleet phasers, Klingon & Romulan disruptors. Includes Type 1, Type 2, and Phaser Rifles.
  • Section 5: Federation shuttlecraft. Includes Medical Shuttles and Work Bee
  • Section 6: Federation Space Probes & Mark XVII Photon Torpedoes
  • Section 7: Federation communication devices

Section 8: Detailed schematics and analysis of the Regula 1 Space Laboratory

CD comes in a jewel case and will be shipped well protected.

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