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FEAR (1917)
Graf Greven (Bruno DeCarli) renowned scientist and world
traveler is visiting a temple in Java when he becomes obsessively
smitten with a religious idol. He is compelled to steal the statue
and returns home to his lush estate with his beloved trophy. Only
now, he cant sleep and is constantly tormented by fears of a curse
being placed on him by an Indian Priest (Conrad Veidt). One day the
priest arrives at his estate and advises him that he will live
happily and accomplish many great things over the next seven years.
The problem- he is told he will die at the end of that span at the
hands of the one he most adores. The prophecies begin to come true
and Greven becomes ever increasingly paranoid of his impending

1917- Running Time 72 Minutes
Directed By Robert Wiene

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