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USB Desktop Aquarium by Fascinations

Great for home, office, or dorm! This USB desktop aquarium is the perfect size for any desk. Water re-circulates, providing oxygen for your fish, while color changing LEDs provide a captivating display. The multi-function alarm clock and desk caddy make this unique aquarium practical and fun. Includes: Mini fish tank with running water recirculating), USB power connector LCD alarm clock with time/date/temperature/snooze and countdown timer Dual compartment desk organizer, Color changing LED interior lights, Adjustable overhead light (LED), Under-gravel filtration system, Low voltage pump. The unit Holds approx. 1.5 quarts of water and has 5 different modes of tranquil nature sounds.

* Brand New
* Manufacturer: Fascinations
* Fully functional USB powered low voltage pump and filtration system and running water
* Gravel and faux aquarium plant included
* Adjustable overhead LED light and color changing LED interior lights
* LCD Alarm clock with time/date/temperature/snooze and countdown timer
* Plays soothing sounds of nature