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The Complete Series

A few years after Karen and Anna have married and left home, Patrick decides to go to Australia to do some research for a book he is writing. He intends to stay with his brother, Jeffrey (Ron Frazer), but Jeffrey unexpectedly has to leave home and travel to London for six months in connection with his work. Jeffrey comments that he is worried about leaving his daughters, Liz (Sally Conabere), and Sue (Sigrid Thornton), alone in the house to fend for themselves, while he is away. Jeffrey asks if Patrick and Nanny could look after the girls. Patrick and Nanny readily agree to do so. Liz and Sue, who had been looking forward to being free of
adult supervision while their father was away, are initially unimpressed with the idea.

This DVD set comes as pictured, in a case with cover, and artwork on each disc. Formatted in NTSC for USA/Canada, and PAL format for Australia/Europe. Ships from the UK.

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