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Up for offer: this rare Roger-Corman produced live-action feature THE FANTASTIC FOUR, which was shot on a shoestring budget during 1993 and 1994, then permanently shelved just before it could be released! Features Alex Hyde-White as Mr. Fantastic , Rebecca Staab as Invisible Girl, Jay Underwood as the Human Torch, Michael Bailey-Smith as Ben Grimm and Joseph Culp as Dr. Doom.

Plot: Scientist Reed Richards, his fiancée Sue Storm, her brother Johnny and pilot Ben Grimm, are exposed to strange radiation while on a space mission. After they crash to earth, the travellers find that they have mutated into super beings: Reed's body becomes stretchable to great lengths, Sue has the ability to become invisible at will, Johnny can set his body aflame and Ben has become a huge, powerful rock-like creature. Together, they must confront Victor Von Doom, a former colleague of Reed's who has become power-mad and seeks vengeance on Richards for his own transformation! Will the Fantastic Four defeat the mighty Doctor Doom?

Co-produced by Roger Corman and German producer Bernd Eichinger, it was completed in 1994 but never issued. Based on the Marvel comic. Title comes on DVD-R media with a plastic case (will be either clear or black plastic) and artwork shown in the picture. See accompanying screenshots which are representative of the picture quality. Disc is region-free and is in NTSC format. Quality is good considering the source material.
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