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JULY 2015 UPDATE: The collection is now up-to-date and on 6 DVDs. Enjoy!

From the makers of Starlog Magazine, this is probably their most (in)famous series.

Each edition is complete, with no missing story pages. Every magazine includes the original advertisement pages.

The following issues are included in this set:

DVD #01: Issues 001-080
DVD #02: Issues 081-144
DVD #03: Issues 145-212
DVD #04: Issues 213-290
DVD #05: Issues 291-336
DVD #06: Issues 337-342 plus Special Editions

The following special editions are included on DVD #06:

Fangoria Horror Spectacular #06 & 07
Fangoria Poster Magazine #02
Fangoria Poster Magazine #04
Fangoria Presents Best Bloodiest Horror Video #01 & 02
Fangoria Presents CineMagic Horror FX #01
Fangoria Presents New Line Cinema's Freddy, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 - The Official Movie Magazine
Scream Greats Poster Book
The Bloody Best of Fangoria Vol 11

That's a total of 352 issues on 6 DVD-ROMs!

NOTE: After the fire that destroyed their warehouse and all their stock of back-issues, Fangoria finally went back into regular production in recent years. I am in the process of obtaining issues #301 up to the current issue. I will then update the collection, and continue with any more issues that are produced. If you have already bought this set, you can simply order updated DVD #05 to make your collection complete. Keep watching this ad for updates.

Starting with Issue #281, "Fangoria" went through a radical re-designing of the cover, with a new logo, and without the usual "film-strip" of photos going down the left-hand side of the cover.

All editions are scanned into Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format, and are of excellent quality. Read them on your computer screen, ebook reader, or print the pages to make your own hard copies!

Each DVD-ROM comes with a full-color label, and is shipped in a vinyl sleeve in a padded envelope for added protection. First Class shipping upon receipt of payment. Combine sets at no additional shipping charge! NOTE: Will trade complete sets for unopened die-cast movie & TV vehicles!

An absolute must-have for any horror or science-fiction collector!