Item Description
Innovative design for full equipped pistols & MP sub-machine guns Adjustable thumb break system, offers quick-draw & re-holster of pistol 5"x3" padded Velcro panel Double Velcro straps to adjust fit & secure pistol Two full adjustable non-slip leg straps, minimizes movement & provides maximum comfort 1.5" wide Velcro strap, folds up at bottom to adjust holster length Adjustable Velcro custom fit for UZI, MP5 pistols Extra spare magazine pouch Polyester Black Fits mid to large frame handguns with laser/flashlight accessories Fits pistols with 10.5" barrel length Thumb break retention Drop-leg application Plain finish Right-hand accessible 0.7 lbs The UTG Extreme Ops 188 tactical leg holster secures your gun tightly to your leg with the help of its double Velcro straps. This holster is right-hand accessible and has a thumb break retention for quick draw situations. The holster is capable of fitting pistols & MP-style submachine guns with barrel lengths of 10.5". Polyester, black.