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【 shakyamuni Buddha is who 】
Shakyamuni Buddha should body of achievement of Buddhism, humanitarian open fathers hierarch. The Buddha in the world has eight thousand times and now, and FaShen and reported all your respectful name for batch of Lou body covered the Buddha (, bringing), is the eternal light of dharmadhatu.
Buddha is Sanskrit Sakyamuni transliteration. Sugar apple is tribal name meaning "to"; "MouNi" translation "wen" can be, and is a kind of your respectful name, contain "benevolence, Confucianism, JiMo, endure" righteousness, also can be a synthetic "can", "tolerant", "Confucianism", "to peace", meaning the sage of the shakya clan.
Shakyamuni Buddha was born in 566 BC, the original is the kingdom prince, 29 shakyas annual expenditures, from home at the time of the famous monastery salmonella logic and the rama and our uriah the son rama the men set some meditation. Soon they taught to all, but this cannot meet his wish, after six years of austerity, in a night in the practice of meditation, he followed the experience of meditation, and then four kind of state continue to focus on spirit, of effort, in that night enlightened the the truth of life, achievement is sleep. From then on, he was known as the Buddha. And everywhere, organization that sangha, shakyamuni Buddha YuShiShou at the age of eighty, on behalf of fortune and hui double satisfactory white sand ROM the trees, the noodles take calm joy at west auspicious and lie, the disciple, with a nag samadhi true fire tea, back to the flesh of physically, brandish others leader of the trip, leave word of monk twelve gold method for the world, the CanXue.
The Buddha into destroy disciples incineration, Buddha remains, four teeth and ZhiGu, skull, hair and other substances. Students will be physically Buddha case up tower feed, pay homage. Later, ashoka take out all of eighty-four thousand, the case, divided into respectively the treasure, in the letter filled all over the world build towers feed, many of them was introduced into China.
Gautama Buddha mantra om: well, MouNi MouNi o MouNa "(i.e., the hen she survived the thousand buddhas truth)