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Pudica Plumeria

(Bridal Bouquet)

Elegant, Rare and Exotic!

Bright snow white blooms with small yellow center, large clusters cover this tree all year round. Unique spoon-shaped leaves. Evergreen. Will bloom even indoors. Blooms are 2-3" in diameter. A medium sized tree with profuse branching.

This species of does not have the intense fragrance of other plumeria but it makes up for it in its incredible long blooming time and elegant bouquets of white flowers!

Sale is for 3 rooted Pudica Bridal Bouquet cuttings each at least 9" from the soil line

This plumeria has a longer blooming cycle! One of the best plumeria on the market! The non-fragrant 2" flowers are pure white with a small yellow center. This is a multibranching plant with dark green fiddle-shaped dark green leaves and slender branches. The Pudica is a rare evergreen variety, with clusters of flowers, like white bridal bouquets. This plumeria will bloom even indoors. They are very fast growing. Even though the Pudica has no fragrance, the large clusters of blooms and long blooming period make this plumeria very desirable.

Plants will be shipped bareroot with most of the leaves removed.

Planting instructions will be included with each order .

The Plumeria is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and delightful plants grown in the world.

Plumeria is also known as the Hawaiian Lei flower. The Plumeria is native to the tropical and subtropical areas of America and has spread to all the tropical areas of the world. It flourishes in Florida, Mexico, Hawaii, Central America as well as South East Asia.

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