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Epidendrum Radicans

Indoor or Outdoor depending on climate.
Self-sows freely
They are particularly attractive in a hanging basket.

Reed-Stem Orchids are without a doubt among the easiest and most prolific orchids to grow.

Reed-stem Orchids are floriferous, making them a spectacular sight. Beautiful, long-lasting, upright sprays, reaching up to 4 feet tall, of bright fire orange, more than one half inch to three quarter inch across, and blooming profusely all year round, with multiple flower spikes and in large clusters.

This sale is for 3 Bright Fire-Orange & Yellow, Reed Stem Orchid 8"-9" cuttings
(as shown in the picture)
Growing Conditions
Reed-stem Epidendrums grow easily in almost any setting, whether in a pot, mounted on a cork slab, or in raised flowerbeds outdoors, as climate permits. They can be grown in potting soil, orchid mix or in the ground. They will root easily after a few weeks, as long as you keep the soil moist Put them in the shade for a month or two, so they don't dry out to fast.

They can create a sub-tropical look in the landscape when used in mass plantings.

Fertilizer: These orchids require generous amounts of fertilizer. When fertilized regularly, they respond immediately with denser flower spikes, greener, stronger leaves and more robust roots.
Light: Reed-stem Orchids need bright light, even full sun, to grow strong and sturdy.
Watering: These orchids are generally forgiving of water frequency and quality. Be sure to water generously, letting water drain out of the bottom, to prevent mineral build up in the mix. Keep the roots moist year round, but, as for most orchids, do not let the plant sit in water.
Temperature: They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and most can handle near-freezing conditions. Protect from frost in northern climates. Remove old flower spikes down to the base by snapping them clean with your fingers or sterile clippers. Orchids love fertilizer so regularly use any balanced fertilizer.

In subtropical and tropical climates, reed-stem epidendrums make handsome container plants for patios and pool areas.
Once established they just about care free.
If you are new to orchid growing, with reed-stem orchids you can enjoy a riot of colorful orchid blooms all year with very little care.
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