Item Description
Almost 7 hours of video in this excellent collection of live performances, promo clips, and interviews from Evanescence from 2002-04.  Quality will vary from each clip, but overall they are at least 8/10.  Running time is 410 minutes, and contains the following shows and clips: Disk OneMy immortalBring me to lifeGoing underEverybody’s fool Lisbon Portugal May 30, 2004HauntedGoing UnderTaking over meEverybody’s foolThoughtlessMy last breathFarther awayBreath no moreImaginaryZeroWhisperBroken Lisbon Portugal October 7, 2003HauntedGoing UnderTaking over meEverybody’s foolThoughtlessMy last breathFarther awayEven in deathZeroBreath no moreTourniquetImaginary Disk TwoLondon 2003Going underHauntedTaking over meEverybody’s foolMy last breathFarther awayZeroWhisper Rock AM Ring 2003Going underHauntedTaking over meEverybody’s foolMy last breathFarther awayEven in deathZeroBring me to lifeTourniquetImaginaryWhisperInterview New Years eve 2002Going UnderHauntedMy last breathTaking over meFarther awayHeart shaped boxZeroSex type thingSelf esteemEverybody’s foolWhisperBring me to lifeTourniquetImaginary Making the video My immortalMaking the video Going underMaking the video Bring me to life Disk Three Odds and endsBring me to life Top of the popsBring me to life  Festival barBring me to life MusicaBring me to life Jay LenoBring me to life RoveBring me to life Rock IM parkMy Immortal Billboard awardsMy Immortal Launch TVGoing Under ZenithGoing Under japanGoing Under Fugi rock festivalGoing Under FuseHaunted AOL sessionsBreath no more CologneThe dolphins cryFarther away Fugi Rock festival InterviewAustralian TV ad for FallenEvboard on MTVVMA diaryOut of the Shadows MessageMTV VMA 2004Amy Lee interviewGrammy awards interviewAmy Lee interview Much on demandAmy Lee interview on The New MusicZTV interviewFUSE interview and PerformanceGoing Under & Popworld interviewAmy Lee’s favorite summer songAmy Lee interview on MTV selectInterview on BMTL Region Free NTSC Format PC Friendly Case Box with Cover Artwork Discs Labeled        $ 10 to USA,   $ 10 to Others Countries.    Payment Method:    PAYPAL & CREDIT CARDS BUYER WILL RECEIVE SECURE CHECKOUT LINK TO PAY WITH PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARDS.