Item Description
      Eva Collagen Skin Cream imported from egypt
Powerful anti-aging skin cream. Collagen stimulates the formation of new Collagen fibrils leading to skin regeneration.
Product of Egypt
All About EVA

Egypt has long known the value of the sustenance and maintenance of natural beauty. Cleopatra’s legendary allure has justly passed down the centuries, and around the globe.

Eva cosmetics is proud to carry on that tradition. We provide superlative and efficacious skin and hair care products. First scouring the world for the finest and rarest natural ingredients, we then blend them, in state-of-the-rate laboratories, with profound experience, to produce a wide range of treatments for all skin and hair types. Eva Cosmetics’ research and development is crucial to our success. Only by identifying and understanding the characteristics, needs, and problems of particular kinds of skin and hair, and the effects of various environments, can we begin to formulate solutions. Many of these solutions are unique. Natural beauty will abide forever. We pledge to continue as torchbearers of Egypt’s beautiful heritage.

Eva Cosmetics started operating in 1972 and is one of 6 companies operating as part of the Armanious Group of companies, which was founded in 1917.

Our Mission

We at Eva Cosmetics produce natural care products that enrich people’s lives. We build on our heritage of integrity; we strive to become a leader in personal care through attracting and developing passionate, committed individuals that take pride in reinforcing, sharing and living our mission.

Our Culture

Eva Cosmetics’ corporate stance is inspired by the values and principles of the Armanious Group of companies. It is a caring and  sharing culture; a giving culture.

  • We give our customers the best quality skin and hair care products. In so doing, we can enrich their lives.
  • We give freely of ourselves, and express dignity in everything we do and say.
  • We give to our employees the gift of learning, so they may develop their own talents and enthusiasms, and become passionate, proud contributors.