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Three years in the making and based on actual client coaching sessions, She's Six Steps Away gives you absolute clarity on why you’re taking each step.

This simple and effective system moves you on to incrementally more challenging situations at your own pace.

Each step has specially designed exercises to improve your confidence around women slowly and gradually without feeling desperate or needy, or using manipulative lines and tactics.

Whether you're looking to get a girlfriend...

Date a lot of women...

...or you just want to be a more social person, this system is an indispensible first step.

It shows you how to meet women in any situation--and connect on a deep level.

She's Six Steps Away teaches you how to meet women in any situation:

On the Street
At Bars
In Parks
At Supermarkets
In Cafes
At Museums
On Public Transportation

There's nothing out there that teaches you from the ground up like this.