Item Description
ENDURABOND Hard Bond Adhesive For Permanent Bonding of Hair Replacement SystemsThis Sale is for  1-bottle of One (1) Fluid ounce. Picture only shows both 1.0 & 2.0 ounce for review.  A medically safe Permanent Bonding adhesive. This adhesive works alot like Super Glue. It will stick anywhere and once you track your system down it will not move. This adhesive is not for the inexperienced hair system user. Manufacturer claims this adhesive to bond for 6-weeks. I get 4 weeksMy personal experience. Wow! it truly held on tite but unlike other adhesives it won't continue sticking once it lifts it is done holding down. THIS PRODUCT AS WELL AS ANY PROFESSIONAL NAME BRAND HARD BOND PRODUCT SHOULD NEVER BE APPLIED DIRECTY TO LACE. Always apply product to the skin and then put Support Tape directly to the lace. This will protect the lace from damage as well as ease to cleaning up at maintenance time.Apply to the bonding track on hair and the hairpiece Dries quickly. Attached hairpiece to the bonding track on hair.Can be applied directly to the scalp for partial, perimeter, or full head bonding. Can also be used on Lace units providing you apply to top of lace tape and scalp.Product is easy to clean-up using HARD BOND REMOVER or "Endura Bond" Remover. This product typically holds 6 weeks. My experience with both myself and my clients is 3 1/2 to 4 weeks time.Shipping This item will ship 3-9 days after your payment clears!! Thank you for visiting my auction.