Item Description
This is the deal. I've  traded for years and I'm giving it up. Now it's time to pass my years of collecting on. You get rare early Empire Hideous related fan filmed discs, plus Misfits with Myke and Spy Society 99! You get 6 discs!EMPIRE HIDEOUS (Featuring Myke Hideous - Ex-Misfits) To Build an Empire (Official Home Video) 58 min. (A) The Bank - New York, NY 5/27/97 - 40 min.(A) The Bank - New York, NY 2/15/98 - 60 min.(A) Dynasty of Darkness DVD - Local New Jersey bands featuring EMPIRE HIDEOUS (2003) 50 min. (A) SPY SOCIETY 99 (SS99) Featuring Myke Hideous - Ex Misfits Alchemy CBGB's Gallery 9/99 (B) The Batcave, NYC 12/11/99 (B) Interview With Myke Hideous (B) MISFITS (With Myke Hideous) 1 full show 1998 I cannot guarantee all discs are US compatable, some can be PAL (Overseas) format. All sales final!