Item Description
Play like a ninja with the Empire E-Vent ZN Paintball Goggle - Black! The Empire E-Vent ZN Paintball Goggle - Black revolutionized the way paintball masks are designed. They were engineered for a low profile smaller target area while being soft enough to deflect or bounce paintballs without feeling the impact on your face. Of course, that's just the start! Empire E-Vent ZN Paintball Goggles - Black have a special venting system designed to work functionally with the way you breathe. The mouth vents are located so you breathe and shout through the vents rather than into a large mass of plastic or rubber as with other goggle systems. As your breath hits the front of the mask, it either exits directly or is deflected sideways and outwards. There are specially shaped vents which take the deflected breath and move it out from the face plate. These specially shaped vents project your voice and warm breathe out to the sides, and not up into the goggle. Side baffles in the faceplate prevent warm moist air from moving up into the goggle so your voice and hot air is expelled in the direction you want it to out through the mask. The ear pieces are designed to cup around your ears so your ears can sit in a very natural position and your hearing with the goggle on is just like it was without the goggle. Empire didnt put excessive cosmetic venting into the mask like many other companies do, because it wasnt needed due to the advanced design and to keep the smooth, clean lines that make paint more likely to glance off the goggle and to make it easier to clean when paint does get onto the goggle. The Empire E-Vent ZN Paintball Goggle - Black features a precision made dual pane thermal lens for the ultimate antifog prevention. Unlike other quick release lens systems, the Empire E-Vents thermal lens seats into the goggle frame under the nose piece and securely into channels within the mask instead of flat against the front. This keeps paint and shell bits from coming under the lens due to close range hits. The lens is held in place by retaining clip that are locked into place by the strap clip. If you don't have the lens properly held in place then you can't put the E-Vent Goggle on... a nice safety reminder! The E-Vent Goggle Strap features a silicone bead so that once you set it in place it stays set. The soft ear pieces are removeable for cleaning. Last but not least is an included visor made of soft flexible material that helps deflect incoming paintballs over your head while keeping the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your lens. All this and more makes the Empire E-Vent ZN Paintball Goggle System the top choice of pros and recreational paintball players worldwide! Empire E-Vent ZN Goggle - Black features:
- All black like a ninja! - Dual-molded mask matches a hard protective material with a soft flexible one/

- Removable soft ear pieces - Low profile faceplate creates more bounces - Advanced, optically correct lens with 260-degree field of vision - Clear, thermal-cured anti-fog dual pane lens - Quick-release lens system - High quality strap with silicone beading to keep the mask firmly in place - High quality strap with silicone beading to keep the mask firmly in place - Microfiber Goggle Bag, Visor and Brow Shield Click here to see all models of Empire E-Vents Paintball Masks!