Item Description
Emmylou Harris Alternate Wrecking Ball Demos Outtakes
Woodland Studio, East Nashville TN
January 1995
1 All My Tears
2 Goodbye
3 Every Grain of Sand
4 Orphan Girl
5 May This Be Love
6 Waltz Across Texas
7 Never Be Gold *
8 Sweet Old World
9 Deeper Well
10 Still Water
11 How Will I Ever Be Simple Again
12 Wrecking Ball
3 of the songs do not appear on the Wrecking Ball album.
They seem to be rough mixes of the songs after the Nashville Woodland studios sessions, made to document and summarise the sessions ahead of the Kingsway studios sessions. Lanois has said that he likes to make a rough mix at the end of a day of recording.
According to interviews, a lot of the record was recorded live and then further elements were overdubbed. Most of these recordings sound very live, with minimal overdubs (for example in Goodbye Larry Mullen plays both hand drum and drum kit, etc.)

The personnel Daniel Lanois, Emmylou, Malcolm Burn, Tony Hall (who plays in many of the final versions of these songs) and U2 drummer Larry Mullen Jr (he also drums on the finished versions of most of these songs. Lanois says audibly, "bridge, Larry" on May this be love and the drums often sound similar to the final ones).
Guests: Lucinda Williams and Steve Earle seem to be there (Lucinda's finger-picked guitar, which Lanois refers to in the "Building the Wrecking Ball" audio interview, can be clearly heard). Steve Earle's acoustic also appears to be there during Goodbye.

It also includes three songs that were not on the final version of the CD:

Still Water: from Daniel Lanois' Acadie Record, this is a new version, a nice re-reading with great dobro guitar from Lanois.
How will I ever be simple again? is a Richard Thompson song. The lyrics are quite beautiful with the war-related imagery and the sparse drums/mandolin. It is good enough to have been on the record

Never be gold (traditional country or a Lanois or Emmylou Harris original?) Don't know,but has good Emmylou vocals and Lanois guitar.
This Deeper well, has a different tempo. Also, Waltz across Texas has slightly different lyrics and what sounds like a different vocal take. The post-production effects used in the mix (for example for drums) are also in some cases noticeably different.
These mixes allow a great insight into the recording process and the evolution of the songs.NEW FULL SIZE CD CASE, FULL COLOR INSERTS,NEW 705KBPS PRO-CDRS(NO LOSS TO THE ORIGINAL SOUND QUALITY!)